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BLOG TOUR: The Innkeeper's Sister by Linda Goodnight - REVIEW + GIVEAWAY!

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Today, we're joining a TLC Book Tour already in progress starring the latest addition to author Linda Goodnight's body of works.  It's a Contemporary Romance novel that whisks us back to Honey Ridge, Tennessee, for a totally heart entrancing story of both past, present, and the unexpected meeting in between.  Ready or not, fair readers, here comes today's book of choice...

Honey Ridge series, Book 3
Linda Goodnight
HQN Books

About the book...
Welcome to Honey Ridge, Tennessee, where Southern hospitality and sweet peach tea beckon, and where long-buried secrets lead to some startling realizations… 

Grayson Blake always has a purpose—and never a moment to lose. He’s come home to Honey Ridge to convert a historic gristmill into a restaurant, but his plans crumble like Tennessee clay when the excavation of a skeleton unearths a Civil War mystery…and leads him back to a beautiful and familiar stranger.

Once a ballet dancer, now co-owner of the Peach Orchard Inn, Valery Carter harbors pain as deep as the secrets buried beneath the mill. A bright facade can’t erase her regrets any more than a glass of bourbon can restore what she’s lost. But spending time with Grayson offers Valery a chance to let go of her past and imagine a happier future. And with the discovery of hidden messages in aged sheet music, both their hearts begin to open. Bound by attraction, and compelled to resolve an old crime that links the inn and the mill, Grayson and Valery encounter a song of hurt, truth…and hope.


Wow...I'm getting really bad about updating my "current reading" list, but I'm totally blaming it on the AWESOME-ness that is this book!

The Memory House (Honey Ridge, #1)  The Rain Sparrow (Honey Ridge, #2)

I didn't realize until about midway through that I had actually read another work from this author in this series, The Rain Sparrow, but it was clearly evident in the beautifully crafted story that both broke my heart and mended it all at once.  She has a way of building the story, both past and present, in such a meticulous way that each is clearly formed in your mind with rich details and history to boot, and yet it never becomes overwhelming.  They stay in their own time periods (until the moment is right), allowing you to enjoy not one story but two in equal measure.  

From the past, we have voices reaching forward in physical (random marbles left around the house...more significant than you might realize), audible (piano music, anyone?), and spiritual (emotional presences sensed by those in equally measured turmoil for better or worse) ways.  We make the unfortunate acquaintance of Edgar (head of the family, and a slave driver both literally and figuratively) and his better half Charlotte (who was more property than wife...blame the times AND the man), the charming Ben (heart of GOLD, that one) and his underestimated sister Constance (much more to that girl than meets the eye),   the dapper Johnny (an injured soldier that stayed on for more than healing) and the one who connects them all, Tandy.  He sets things into motion whose repercussions will be felt for generations to come...and all from a place of love.

Present day finds us in the arms of the brothers Blake, aka Devlin and Grayson, but this is more so the latter's story than the former.  Though as different as night and day, they've got each other's backs as well as their hearts in mind.  Hence when former party girl Valery strikes a chord deep within Grayson, natural ribbing occurs but also genuine concern.  There are good reasons for both and the amount of time they'll need to spend in her presence certainly escalates those feelings, but they reveal themselves in due time, as do the ghosts that haunt them all.  I really felt for Valery as she battled her inner demons brought on by decisions made so long ago that were out of her very young hands.  I also felt for our boy Grayson as he fumbled and floundered his way out of his head and into his heart in search of the one thing that could break his workaholic ways.  Seeing these two dance around each other was as mesmerizing as the mystery of "Mr. Bones"...or that of Lem Tolley for that matter (whom I was really convinced was someone or something other than what/who he is!).  

Image result for book love

In the end, it was a beautiful story about the depths of love in all its forms and the lengths to which we will go to protect it.  From friendship to family, new loves to lasts, you'll be reminded of why we seek to find this precious gift in the first place and the importance of maintaining it in honesty and earnest to last.  Recommended for Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction, and Historical Fiction readers alike.


About the author...

NY Times and USA Bestseller, Linda Goodnight writes novels to touch the heart as well as to entertain. Her emotional stories of hope have won the RITA, the Carol, the Reviewer’s Choice, and numerous other industry awards. A small town girl, Linda remains close to her roots, making her home in rural Oklahoma. She and husband have a blended family of eight, including two teenagers recently adopted from Ukraine. Many of her books are about family and children and rightly so, as she draws her deeply emotional stories from her surroundings, her great love of family, and from personal experiences as a nurse and teacher.


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Special thanks to Lisa at TLC Book Tours and the Harlequin Books for the ecopy for review as well as the chance to bring this tour to you.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, the author, the publisher, THIS TOUR, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above.  This title just celebrated its BOOK BIRTHDAY this Tuesday (July 25, 2017), via HQN Books, so be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf or virtual retailer of your choosing.


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*open to US/Canada residents only; no P.O. Boxes please.  Entries accepted through August 4, 2017 midnight CST.  Winner will be drawn and have 48 hours to respond; if no response is received, another winner will be selected.  SFIR is not responsible for lost prizes.

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PRE-PUB PARTY: Beautiful Mess by John Herrick

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Today, we're throwing a PRE-PUB PARTY for the latest forthcoming novel from author John Herrick.  You may remember his name from your own personal reading, or one of several reviews here on my site (love his work!), and I was nothing but pleased when the opportunity came around to explore between the pages of this work.  It takes us to Hollywood, both old and new, with all the glamour and glitz, all the heartaches and hardships, all the fights to the top and scary long falls to the bottom, as well as those tentative reaches made to rectify a life gone astray, or perhaps even come to the aid of another that missed the warning signs.  Yes, my friends, you're in for a silver screen story right in the palm of your hand, so grab your most fabulous finery (or not, I'm not judging!), and prepare for today's book of choice...

John Herrick
Segue Blue

About the book...
A fallen star. A former hippie. And the Marilyn Monroe you only thought you knew.

Del Corwin is an aging Hollywood relic, destined to fade into a history of forgotten legends—unless he can revive his career. All he needs is one last chance.

When Del uncovers an original screenplay by Marilyn Monroe—and proof that she named him its legal guardian—he surges to the top of Hollywood’s A-list. But the opportunity to reclaim his fame and fortune brings a choice: Is Del willing to sacrifice newfound love, self-respect and his most cherished friendship to achieve his greatest dream?

A story of warmth, humor and honesty, BEAUTIFUL MESS follows one man’s journey toward love and relevance where he least expects it—and proves coming-of-age isn’t just for the young.



Image result for hollywood stage

A bit of a departure from the author's usual fair, which actually had me worried initially with some of the language and content, but by book's end, it was a Hollywood affair of the heart to remember.

We've the aging leading man seeking to make it one last time, delivered that chance by the long gone hands of someone very close to his heart. It seems a perfect match, everyone gets what they want with no strings attached...but sometimes what seems perfect at the start is anything but when the final curtain is called. There's a choice to be made with repercussions both unforeseen and much further reaching than his party of one...and some of those efforts could be lethal. What would you do if fame and fortune were at your door if it meant forsaking the life (gone or not) of another? What indeed...

Image result for what you see

Author John Herrick brings us the glitz and glamour of Hollywood while beseeching us to look beneath the veneer and discover the truth at heart.  We get up close and seemingly personal with some of the big names...only to discover that what we see as Johnny Q. Public isn't always what we get.  It doesn't matter how big a marquee our name is displayed upon...if at the end of the day (or our days, for that matter), we can't honestly say we did all we could to leave a positive mark on the world around us, reached out to those seeking a open ear or kindred heart, or spent our time with a heart full of love versus envy and greed.  If we only lived for ourselves, than what was it all for?

Recommended for the author's current fan base as well as those seeking a new "voice" to add to their reading repertoire.  This is one of my "go to " authors and I'll bet my Hollywood star (that I theoretically have) that he'll be one of yours too.  ^-^


About the author...

John Herrick

A self-described "broken Christian," John Herrick battled depression since childhood. In that context, however, he developed intuition for themes of spiritual journey and the human heart.

Herrick graduated from the University of Missouri—Columbia. Rejected for every writing position he sought, he turned to information technology and fund development, where he cultivated analytical and project management skills that helped shape his novel-writing process. He seized unpaid opportunities writing radio commercial copy and ghostwriting for two nationally syndicated radio preachers.

The Akron Beacon Journal hailed Herrick's From the Dead as "a solid debut novel." Published in 2010, it became an Amazon bestseller. The Landing, a semifinalist in the inaugural Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, followed.

Herrick's nonfiction book 8 Reasons Your Life Matters introduced him to new readers worldwide. The free e-book surpassed 100,000 downloads and hit #1 on Amazon's Motivational Self-Help and Christian Inspiration bestseller lists. Reader response prompted a trade paperback.

His latest novel, Between These Walls, returns readers to Hudson, Ohio, to which he introduced them in From the Dead. Herrick admits his journey felt disconnected. "It was a challenge but also a growth process," he acknowledges. "But in retrospect, I can see God's fingerprints all over it."


Image result for hollywood thank you

Special thanks to author John Herrick for the copy for review.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, the author, or his full body of works, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is set to celebrate its BOOK BIRTHDAY August 1, 2017 via Segue Blue, so mark your calendar or preorder your copy today!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Summer on Firefly Lake by Jen Gilroy

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Well, summer is in full swing and while we're whittling down our summer reading lists, I've got another one to add to your beach bag STAT!  It's book two in the Firefly Lake series from Contemporary Romance author Jen Gilroy and from the little teaser excerpt we have today, it's gonna be good.  So grab your sunscreen and let's head to the lake because today's title in the spotlight is on deck...

Title: Summer on Firefly Lake
Author: Jen Gilroy
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Women’s Fiction
Release Date: July 25, 2017
Publisher: Forever – Grand Central Publishing
Series: Firefly Lake
ISBN: 9781455569601

Sometimes love is better the second time around.

Mia Gibbs spent her marriage putting her husband’s needs before her own. And now, after a painful divorce, she’s building a new life for herself and her two daughters back home at Firefly Lake. The last thing she needs is a man to complicate things. But former bad boy turned friend Nick McGuire has turned everything upside down.

Attorney Nick McGuire wasn’t meant to be a family man. His career has always been his focus, and after taking time out to help his mother, he’s ready to get back to the city…until Mia and her daughters arrive at Firefly Lake. Mia is beautiful and intriguing, and it doesn’t take long to realize being “just friends” will never be enough. As the summer nights turn colder, Nick will have to choose between the life he’s always wanted…and the woman he can’t live without.

Add to your “Want to Read” shelf:  Goodreads

Available at:  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  |  iTunes


Praise for Summer on Firefly Lake:

Image result for megaphone

“Has charm to spare...The delightful supporting cast...and expertly plotted story add depth and richness to this tale, leaving readers eager for another visit to Firefly Lake.” – Publishers Weekly

“Gilroy’s second Firefly Lake novel encapsulates the quaint, busybody small-town feel and the slippery slope of friends becoming lovers quite well…Engaging...(a) fast paced page turner.” – RT Book Reviews


Image result for open book


“I want this.” Mia lifted her face to his as a cloud scudded across the moon. “I want you.”
Even if it could only be for tonight, she was Mia, not a mom, not a sister, and not a wife who’d been tossed aside for someone younger and curvier. For this one moment, she didn’t have any responsibilities except what she wanted and needed.
I want you, too.” Nick took her hand and led her toward the car. “A part of me has wanted you since I was fifteen and you hung out at the town beach in that green bikini with the white flowers.”
Her heart lurched. He’d noticed her enough to remember the bikini she’d hidden from her mom. The one she’d bought because she’d heard Nick say he liked green. “You were always with the guys by the life guard station.” Everything about him was a lot sexy and a little bit dangerous.
“I wanted to see you.” His smile was forced, like the admission cost him more than he wanted her to know.
Mia curved her cold hand into his warm one. She’d guessed she’d hurt him the one time they’d gone out, but until tonight she hadn’t understood how much. She couldn’t regret the past, and she couldn’t predict the future, but she could do something about the present. “I want to be with you. Even though we’re not teenagers anymore and I don’t have that green bikini.
Nick’s gaze skimmed her body from head to toe and lingered at her breasts. Then he gave her a grin that was pure bad boy. “I was always a lot more interested in what was underneath that bikini anyway.”
He opened the passenger door for her to slide in.
She looked at him from under her lashes and flirted like she’d wanted to do all those years ago but had been too shy. “You were, were you?”
“Oh yeah.” He shut the car door and, in the sudden silence, panic rolled over her again. Except, there was excitement too…
Copyright © Summer on Firefly Lake 2017 by Jen Gilroy


Like the sound of things?
I thought you might.
Catch where it all began with BOOK ONE in the series...

Title: The Cottage at Firefly Lake
Author: Jen Gilroy
Publisher: Forever – Grand Central Publishing
Series: Firefly Lake #1
Date Released: January 31, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Women’s Fiction
ISBN: 9781455569595

Some mistakes can never be fixed and some secrets never forgiven … but some loves can never be forgotten.

Charlotte Gibbs wants nothing more than to put the past behind her, once and for all. Yet now that she's back at Firefly Lake to sell her mother's cottage, the overwhelming flood of memories reminds her of what she's been missing. Sun-drenched days. Late-night kisses that still shake her to the core. The gentle breeze off the lake, the scent of pine in the air, and the promise of Sean's touch on her skin…True, she got her dream job traveling the world. But at what cost?

Sean Carmichael still doesn't know why Charlie disappeared that summer, but after eighteen years, a divorce, and a teenage son he loves more than anything in the world, he's still not over her. All this time and her body still fits against his like a glove. She walked away once when he needed her the most. How can he convince her to stay now?

Add to your “Want to Read” shelf:  Goodreads

Book 1 is available at:  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  |  iTunes


Praise for The Cottage at Firefly Lake:

Image result for megaphone

“Gilroy’s debut contemporary is packed with potent emotions…[the] protagonists tug at the heartstrings from the beginning of the story and don’t let go. Long on charm, this story invites readers to come in and stay a while.” – Publishers Weekly

“Memories, regrets and second chances are front and center in Gilroy’s fantastic debut.” – RT Book Reviews


About Jen Gilroy:

Jen Gilroy lives in a small town in eastern Ontario, Canada where her Irish ancestors settled in the nineteenth century. She's worked in higher education and international marketing but, after spending too much time in airports and away from her family, traded the 9-5 to write romantic women’s fiction to bring readers' hearts home.

Jen likes ice cream, diners, vintage style and all things country. Her husband is her real-life romance hero, and her teen daughter teaches her to cherish the blessings in the everyday.

The Cottage at Firefly Lake, the first book in her Firefly Lake series, was a finalist for Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® award in 2015. It was also shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Association Joan Hessayon Award 2017.

Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon


Special thanks to the Barclay Publicity team for the chance to participate in this promotion.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, the author, the series, the publisher, this tour, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above.  This title just celebrated its book birthday THIS WEEK via Grand Central Publishing, so be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf or virtual retailer of your choosing.

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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