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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Silver Dagger Book Tours presents... OFFSIDES by Natalie Decker - SPOTLIGHT + GIVEAWAY!

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Today, we're joining Silver Dagger Book Tours for a spotlight on a new Swoon Romance title you'll want to add to your reading list, STAT!  It stars a Young Adult Contemporary Romance with a sports theme thrown in for kicks (get it, kicks? Small pun...^-^), and from the sound of things, it's gonna be good!  Ready or not, here comes today's title in the spotlight...

Right Text, Wrong Number
Offsides, Book 1
Natalie Decker
Genre: YA Sports Contemporary Romance

306 pages

Cheerleader Layla and football player Tyler are complete opposites. She thinks he’s the biggest jerk in school and he thinks she's too high on her horse to even be worth a second glance. When the two of them are near one another, sparks fly in all the wrong directions. They can hardly endure speaking, let alone dating. 

But when Layla unknowingly sends Tyler a smack-down text meant for the girl sending naked photos to her then-boyfriend, Adam, Tyler has no idea it’s Layla and decides to play along. After all, Tyler cannot resist messing with the pissed off girl firing off texts about junk pictures, cheating, and girl code. 

As the fallout from Adam’s scandalous texts plays out in front of the entire school, Tyler and Layla secretly continue to text each other using fake names. But as days and weeks pass, things take a turn for the serious between them, and suddenly, their texts mean more. Maybe it's time to come clean about who they are and risk taking the relationship from texts to dates, then kissing, and maybe more. 

They say there's a thin line between love and hate. Can reality live up to the fantasy, or will Layla and Tyler be forever offsides?

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Right Kiss, Wrong Guy
Offsides, Book 2
313 pages

You'd think a girl with the most romantic name in the world would have her pick of boyfriends. 

But Valentine's Day sucks when you're single. Just ask Juliet Valentine, whose last name happens to also be the name of the most dreaded made-up holiday ever. 

A romantic at heart, this year is especially hard on Juliet. Her sister, Layla, is in a new relationship, her mom's match-making business is doing great, and her school's new fundraiser is "Love-Grams."

Juliet's miserable, a little jealous, and lonely. 

Quarterback Jared Black is the most popular guy in school. A star athlete, Jared tops the most-eligible bachelor list year after year. But to Juliet Valentine, he's all but invisible. She isn't impressed. 

Jared's never had to work hard to get the attention of a girl before. Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and he's determined to ask Juliet out. After all, if Tyler can win over Layla, Jared ought to have a shot with Layla's sister.

Unlike Tyler and Layla, charm, flattery and good looks won't work on Juliet. So with the V-Day dance coming up, Jared uses the school’s Love-Grams to let Juliet know how he feels. Should be simple enough, right?

Wrong. Each attempt ends up either in the trash or thrown in someone's face. Juliet won't play his game.

Now, without a date to the dance Jared realizes it’s going to take a Hail Mary to win the girl of his dreams.

Natalie Decker is the author of the bestselling YA series Rival Love, YA series Offsides, and NA series Scandalous Boys. She loves her family, her awesome dog, friends, carefree days, football, fuzzy blankets, traveling, reading, cooking, writing, and is a huge Denver Broncos fan. Her imagination is always going, which some find odd. But she believes in seeing the world in a different light at all times. An avid reader of everything. If she's not at a Target or Starbucks because those are her favs, she might be typing away on her laptop, reading a book, hanging out with her amazing family, or she's off having an adventure. Because Natalie believes in a saying: Your life is your own journey, so make it amazing!

She loves interacting with fans. Feel free to follow her on any of her social media accounts.

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Special thanks to the Silver Dagger Book Tours team for the chance to bring this promotion to you.  (THANKS!)  For more information on the titles listed, the author, this tour, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. 

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

Friday, March 16, 2018

TLC Book Tours presents... THE HEART BETWEEN US by Lindsay Harrel

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Today, we're joining TLC Book Tours for a tour already in progress starring a work of Fiction that fits both in the Contemporary and Christian genres.  It explores the life of a survivor, but not of the astonishing, heart-stopping accident victim type, but of the born-with-something-that-was-completely-out-of-their-control-but-without-the-gift-of-life-from-someone-else-their-days-are-less-than-numbered variety.  Trust me, it doesn't make it any less harrowing, and with a dash of romance, a healthy dose of family, and a heaping scoop of finding yourself, it's a tale that was waiting to be told.  Ready or not, here comes today's blog tour guest and book of choice...

Two Sisters, One Heart Transplant, and a Bucket List
Lindsay Harrel
Thomas Nelson

About the book...
Megan Jacobs always wished for a different heart. Her entire childhood was spent in and out of hospitals, sitting on the sidelines while her twin sister Crystal played all the sports, got all the guys, and had all the fun. But even a heart transplant three years ago wasn’t enough to propel Megan’s life forward. She’s still working as a library aide and living with her parents in her small Minnesota hometown, dreaming of the adventure she plans to take “once she’s well enough.” Meanwhile, her sister is a successful architect with a handsome husband and the perfect life—or so Megan thinks.

When her heart donor’s parents give Megan their teenage daughter’s journal—complete with an unfulfilled bucket list—Megan connects with the girl she meets between the pages and is inspired to venture out and check off each item. Caleb—a friend from her years in and out of the hospital—reenters her life and pushes her to find the courage to take the leap and begin her journey. She’s thrown for a loop when Crystal offers to join her for reasons of her own, but she welcomes the company and the opportunity to mend their tenuous relationship.

As Megan and Crystal check items off the bucket list, Megan fights the fears that have been instilled in her after a lifetime of illness. She must choose between safety and adventure and learn to embrace the heart she’s been given so that she can finally share it with the people she loves most.


This was a curious book to me because although it is fiction, it reads very much like real life, and remembering it was one not the other throughout was often times a fine line to walk.  (Bookmarks up to the author!)  The story takes you behind the eyes of an organ donor recipient to see just what happens once the life saving procedure is completed.  I mean, think about it...the waiting and prayers that went up on their behalf before is only half the journey; what comes next is never considered and yet just as important, if not more so.

Image result for colored row hearts

I found Megan both inspiring and infuriating...I know, what a mix.  You see, I was maddened by the fact that she made all these plans, dreamed all these dreams, and they were within her grasp time and again, only to slip through more often than not on account of fear.  I'm not saying I wouldn't have had some as well after all she went through, but she was given a new lease on life so to seemed wasted to not actually LIVE.  Now, as much as she exasperated me, she also warmed my heart as I made connections with her, grew to understand her motivations (and fears), and watched her finally take hold the reigns of her future and give them a good shake.  Seeing her come into her own, stand on her own two feet, reverse roles with the sister she revered all these years, and finally get her kiss in the rain, was almost magical.  Was I saddened it took a young girl's life ending for her to get her chance?  Of course, who wouldn't be...but I was also incredibly moved by the gift her and her family gave; the gift of not only "life", but of understanding.  Amanda hadn't lived a cakewalk herself, but those dark times she captured between the pages, and the bucket list she kept for her future self did more than keep her spirits up, but inspired another life to move forward.

In the end, it was a beautiful story about life's ups and downs, but mostly about LIFE itself.  The title itself can be taken many ways...from the obvious donor and recipient angle to that between sisters, families, and potential loves...but the story's intention is clear.   Every day is a gift.  Good, bad, or somewhere in between, it should be cherished because we never know just how many "presents" we have left.  


About the author...

Lindsay Harrel is a lifelong book nerd who lives in Arizona with her young family and two golden retrievers in serious need of training. She’s held a variety of writing and editing jobs over the years, and now juggles stay-at-home mommyhood with writing novels. When she’s not writing or chasing after her children, Lindsay enjoys making a fool of herself at Zumba, curling up with anything by Jane Austen, and savoring sour candy one piece at a time.


Special thanks to Lisa at TLC Book Tours for the chance to bring this tour to you as well as to the Thomas Nelson team for the ARC for review.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, the author, the publisher, THIS TOUR, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above.  This title just celebrated its BOOK BIRTHDAY Tuesday, so be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf or virtual retailer of your choosing.

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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