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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Expecting by Ann Lewis Hamilton

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Today, we're playing host to a blog tour via Sourcebooks starring a new Fiction release that's sure to turn some heads.  While my stop was to be a review, it seems the virtual goats conspired with the postal goats and put the kabosh to all that.  *grr*  Cie la vie, the tour must go on and so I bring you this spotlight with a few impressions it made on me.  Ladies and gents, today's featured title is....

Ann Hamilton

About the book....
A mom, a dad, a baby...and another dad. Laurie and Alan are expecting, again. After two miscarriages, Laurie was afraid they’d never be able to have a child. Now she’s cautiously optimistic — the fertility treatment worked, and things seem to be different this time around. But she doesn’t yet know how different. Jack can’t seem to catch a break — his parents are on his case about graduating from college, he’s somehow dating two girls at once, and he has to find a way to pay back the money he borrowed from his fraternity’s party fund. The only jobs he is qualified for barely pay enough to keep him in beer money, but an ad for the local sperm bank gives Jack an idea. Laurie and Alan’s joy is shattered when their doctor reveals that Laurie was accidentally impregnated by sperm from a donor rather than her husband. Who is Donor 296. And how will their family change now that Donor 296 is inarguably part of it? 


Doesn't sound like your average read now does it?
As I see it, Laurie and Alan have been through a lot and this is one surprise they really didn't need.  Just how they deal with it is gonna say a lot about their character and really shape the future of the new life just beginning.  If put in the situation myself, whew....I don't even know where I'd begin.  Well okay, I do....the doctor/hospital would NOT want to know me, that's for sure...but then, that'd definitely be something that would need a lot of pondering, and moral support.

What say you readers?
What do you think will happen?
What would YOU do if faced with this situation?


Special thanks to the great folks at Sourcebooks for the chance to bring this tour to you.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as their full catalog, be sure to stop by their official site, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Pinterest board.  This title was released the first of this month, so be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf near you.

Until next time...happy reading!

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