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Monday, January 5, 2015

READ ALL ABOUT IT: Hausa Blues by Shelah L. Maul

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Today, we're shining a spotlight on a Memoir/Autobiography that may or may not have made your radar.  Consider it there now.  Ready to READ ALL ABOUT IT?  Here we go!  3....2....1....

Hausa Blues
Shelah L. Maul

About the book....
Hausa Blues is the unforgettable, coming of age story of Zenab Ibrahim, a young woman born to a wealthy, polygamist, Hausa tribesman in the remote village of Yoko, Africa. When at the age of 12, Zenab’s father expels his first wife from the family’s tribal compound, Zenab resolves to avoid the spiritual death that defeated her mother by deciding to boldly strive for a modern, free life—like the Americans and Europeans that captivate her on the village’s only television set.

Yet, at age 16 she learns of her arranged marriage to a Hausa man, a forced commitment that circumvents her aspirations to one day graduate from law school. Wearing blue jeans and touting a reputation for carousing with Christian girls, her fiancĂ© inspires hope that her life might veer off the traditional path of a submissive, servile Muslim wife. Yet, when her wedding is postponed due to a fatal car accident, it’s the beginning of a series of events that cause her to believe her sisters were right all along—someone has placed a malicious curse on her life.

Although bad fortune repeatedly thwarts the realization of Zenab’s vision for her life, serendipity intervenes when she crosses paths with a night manager at her local bus station—a man from a scorned, Christian tribe. This forbidden friendship empowers her to risk everything for the chance to reclaim her dreams, igniting Zenab’s faith in both herself and others.


So, whatcha think?
Thoughts?  Comments?
Personally, I'm thinking it sounds like some major obstacles to overcome in order to try and reach one's potential level of happiness.  But that's just me....


About the author...

Shelah L. Maul is a Speech/Language Pathologist who works with children in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. She has dedicated her life to helping others experience meaningful communication through the expression of words. So the first time she heard Zenab share stories about her life in Africa, it happened naturally that a partnership formed between them. Zenab has a triumphant story to tell and Shelah is honored to be able to offer her the tools needed to express it. Shelah also blogs about spirituality, growth, relationships, and culture at . She lives in Frederick, Maryland with her husband, Brian.



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