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Friday, October 7, 2016

BLOG TOUR: Mrs. Parsley Makes a Delivery and Other Stories by Julian Padowicz

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As promised, I'm back with round two of the bookish blog tour fun, but this time, it's coming to us via Ravenswood Virtual Tours.  It stars a Middle Grade/Kids Fiction short story collection detailing the adventures of one curious witch.  Don't worry...she's of the good variety!  Before we dive any deeper into the work, allow me to introduce it properly.  Ladies and gents, children of all ages, join me as we discover the next ebook diversion for your weekend reading, and today's book of choice...

Julian Padowicz

About the book...
Mrs. Parsley is a good-witch who, with the help of her magical cat, Laptop, substitutes for the likes of Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and the various Fairy Godmothers, when they have more work than they can handle. However, since she does not have the specialized magic powers that they possess, she is challenged to find creative ways to carry out these duties.



Mrs. Parsley is a quirky collection of tales featuring the title character in various, shall we say...situations.  First off, you should know, she's a do-gooder, in the best and most well-intentioned sense of the word, but sometimes though she means well, things don't go quite as planned, leading to unexpected reveals, less than stealthy holiday missions, and a few more people than should be necessary knowing about the magical goings-ons about them.  Does it work out in the end?  Quite...but that doesn't mean the missteps along the way are any less entertaining or conducive to lessons being learned.

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Of the stories features and there are quite a few, I was partial to...

...Mrs. Parsley and the Dog Without a Name
Mrs. Parsley happens upon a lost, injured dog who needs her help, much to the chagrin of Laptop, her magical cat.  Dogs and cats, the age old battle lives on.  Funny thing is, without Laptop having pointed out the poor creature, they would have whizzed right on by, but seeing as she was there first, I guess her opinion rules the house, and she says she's the only furry companion for Mrs. Parsley.  Sometimes though, things don't turn out exactly as Laptop expects either, and one never knows when an unexpected friend may come in handy...

...Mrs. Parsley Repays an Old Debt
This was such a SWEET tale, it brought tears to my eyes.  Mrs. Parsley is reminiscing about her childhood adventures with her grandmother, but a visit to her hometown doesn't yield the familiar haunts she was anticipating.  She feels out of sorts, lost, and blinded by the changes...until a familiar face from the past returns her balance and allows a kindness to be paid in full. 

...Mrs.Parsley, We Don't Do Miracles
This one stuck with me because of the original holy family undertones that work along with Mrs. Parsley to change to future of one young man for good.  For those familiar with the virgin birth, see if you can recognize the signs and modern day versions of that appear in this touching story.

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In the end, I'd say it was time well spent between the epages and whilst starring a GOOD witch, it's a perfect read for this season or the next or the next after that.  Allow the magic of Mrs. Parsley's world to seep into your own and take away the wonderful messages (along with a few laughs!) that she delivers along the way.


About the author...

Julian Padowicz was seven years old and Jewish in Warsaw, Poland when WWII broke out. He and his mother made a dramatic escape from occupied Poland and the Holocaust over the Carpathian Mountains. His memoir of this experience, “Mother and Me: Escape from Warsaw, 1939” was named Book of the Year for 2006. He has written three sequels, chronicling his odyssey to safety in America. In addition, he has written a series of humorous novels about a retired college professor, lightly modeled after himself.

Padowicz has served as a navigator in the United States Air Force, a documentary film script writer, and as president of Business Film International, a documentary and educational film production company. He lives currently in Hampton, VA.


Special thanks to Ravenswood Virtual Tours for the chance to bring this promotion to you as well as the ebook for review.  (THANKS!)  Fore more information on this title, the author, THIS TOUR, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above.  This title celebrated its book birthday July 2016 via Sunquills, so be on the lookout for it at your favorite online retailers.  

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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