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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wizards, Princesses, & Dragon Boats?: Magyk by Angie Sage

Hello, everyone! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Hopefully you've discovered a new book or two while pursuing the current posts. I aim to please with fresh titles, whether new or old, so if you ever have a suggestion for a post, request for a review, or comment to share, feel free to post directly to my page. I will be sure to respond as quickly as possible!

That said, I was working through a multitude of emails and tweets (gotta love Twitter) while listening to the contents of my iPod today....all the while trying to determine what book to post next. Believe it or not, nothing was calling to me! I mean that's not to say I haven't read any good books lately or anything, but I had to dig a little deeper to pull one out of the proverbal hat today (those of you with blogs know what I mean....when you can't find something that sits just right). Don't worry! It's a good one! Part of a series in's pick is......


The first installment in the (currently) 4 part Septimus Heap series starts out with a rather sad and bewildering tale. Silas Heap is bringing herbs to his wife pregnant wife, Sarah. He is in a rush to get back home as their baby (number seven!) is being born any moment! On his way, he discovers a bundle along his path. Curious by nature, he picks up the "package", removes the rags coverings the discover a baby girl! So small, sweet, and innocent, he can't rightfully leave her there, not to mention the fact that Marcia the Extraordinary Wizard tells him to claim her as his own, telling no one of how she came to be in his home. How was he to explain this new addition to his friends and neighbors....let alone his wife!

As if guided by the hands of fate, Silas arrives back at his humble abode in the Ramblings befuddled by these current events, to a fleeing midwife, proclaiming the young Septimus has died! The seventh son of the seventh born is to possess extra ordinary magical powers and thus this passing is heavy in both their hearts and their minds. Sarah Heap is beside herself at the loss of her newborn boy, but what is a husband to do? The only thing he can....he gingerly gives the baby girl to his wife. She is so distraught that she doesn't inquire as to how or why the baby is there. Lucky for Silas, as he is still mulling that around in his head. Who is this baby girl and what of her strange arrival? Why would Marcia be so adament about keeping her origins a secret? What of their own baby, Septimus? The midwife declared him dead upon his birth, but no one ever saw the baby...

Flash forward ten years and we find the same baby as a young girl by the name of Jenna. She is beginning to wonder why she doesn't look like her brothers but loves them so much that it is merely a passing thought. Marcia Overstrand, Extraordinary Wizard, reveals that Jenna is the long lost princess and that she and the Heap's are in danger. DomDaniel, necromancer and evil to boot, are after control of the castle and an end to all good praticed within its realm. Meanwhile, the disguarded child taken from the Heaps on that same fateful night is discovering that he too is not all he was told. Raised as Boy 412 in the makeshift army of thugs residing within the castle, he has never quite fit in....with good reason! It turns out in fact that boy 412 not only has a magykal heritage, but is the long thought to be dead Septimus Heap! Think this realization brings an easier life? Boy are you wrong! He is in more danger now than even he knows!

I came upon this book while browsing the local bookstore shelves for a new read while awaiting the next installment of Harry Potter. Once again, the cover drew me in. (what can I say, I'm a sucker for an interesting, eye-catching picture...oooh! Pretty colors!) Septimus Heap reads like Harry Potter's little brother (if he had one...hey, J.K. Rowling! There's a story idea for you!). The story line is a bit more basic, although tinged with magyk in a similar form. The writing style is more simplistic, making this a much quicker read, and yet thoroughly enjoyable. The character drawings strewn throughout the book aid in creating a face to go with the characters described within the pages. When fully immersed in the world created by author Angie Sage, you will certainly feel for them through the troubles they experience and fight at their sides (in your mind of course) against the evil that just won't die! Highly recommended for fans of the Potter series, both the young and young at heart...

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback.
Until next time...happy reading!


Bella said...

Great review. I've had this book in my TBR pile for a while. I will have to try it out soon.

Tarryn said...

Haha thanks for this review this book has been lying on my shelf for about 3 years now (given to me as a gift) i tried reading it once, but i didnt really enjoy it as i was only 9 and wasnt into that sort of thing. Now i love fantasy and cant wait to try it out - it sounds amazing!!!

GMR said...

Tarryn: That's great to hear! I hope you enjoy it now with your new interest in this type of story...feel free to share what you think when you've finished! Happy reading!

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