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Monday, August 3, 2009

Music For the Soul: The Soloist by Steve Lopez

Hello, fellow readers! I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and that Monday is treating you right! The weather here left a bit to be desired this morning, what with the torrential rain and spotty flooding, but rest assured yours truly made it safe and sound to her next destination. (Of course, you probably figured that out or else I am blogging this from beyond the grave....I doubt the wireless reception would pick up so well. Then again...) Hoping to put a small bright spot in your day, let's move on to today's pick...


A harrowing look into the lives of those living with disorders of the mind, "The Soloist" tells the tale of one Mr. Nathanial Ayers and Mr. Steve Lopez. Nathanial is the afflicted...broken in mind, but not in spirit. Lopez is the columnist fortunate enough to be touched by this man's life struggles. Steve believes that he is aiding a fellow man in need and gaining a subject for a quick column in the L.A. Times. Little did he know that this acquaintance would turn into so much more. Nathanial is not your ordinary resident of Skid Row. He is someone that once roamed the halls of Julliard only to be swiped from life's slate by the unfortunate turn within his mind. The glue holding him together is his intense love of music. It transports him to another time, another place...somewhere that his troubles float away with every note played. Steve Lopez uncovers not only a great musician, but a man lost along the way to whom a friend can provide more than words could say.

Now, I am an avid reader, but I also love music. Almost every genre has something that appeals to me as I am sure it does you as well. Most listen to music for fun and at any given time. But, haven't you found yourself in need of relaxation and reached for a soothing album? (No fibbing, I know you can think of at least one instance!) Whether your mood is happy, sad, mad, or somewhere in between it all, there is a song out there that will speak volumes to you. The type of music we play is usually chosen to fit our mood as well...which of course led to the invention of having play lists and recordable Cd's. At our whim we can fit the music to our needs and be carried off to a place of our dreams....

Take a walk with these two pivotal characters to see life from the other side. Take strength in the status you claim in life currently. Share in the joy music can bring to anyone. Be reminded of its healing powers for almost every situation. Recommended for anyone seeking the end of the journey as a reminder that the steps taken to get there count for just as much....

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Until next time....happy reading!

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