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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life or Love?: Immortal by Gillian Shields

Hello, everyone! Have you ever been enamored with a new book to the point that you just have to finish it? Silly me, of course you have! (You are reading the "Insatiable Readers" blog aren't you?) Well, there was a new book just released yesterday (yes, I read it but read on to see how it was so fast) and just I couldn't wait any longer to post this blog entry. Today's choice is....


"Immortal' tells the story of Evie Johnson. Her arrival at the Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies was due to unfortunate circumstances...her mother passed away, her grandmother's health is ailing, and her father must go abroad to work for the sake of their survival. Thanks to an unspoken yet written bylaw of the land and buildings granted to the school, a scholarship exists for just these instances. One solitary slot is available, how fortunate! Or is it? This void was formerly filled by a student named Laura, who recently drowned on the grounds, thus making Evie unwelcome by most students and at the Abbey will be lonely indeed. Combine this with the strange rules (no jewelry?) and regulations, and you have a recipe that constantly lands her in trouble.

Evie, seeking refuge from the world, wanders out on the moors for a breath of fresh air only to meet one Sebastian James. This is not their first encounter though. Upon her initial arrival in town, she was nearly killed by a dark rider and his big black steed...guess who it was? BINGO! Sebastian boggles her mind while tugging at her heart strings. He is handsome, mysterious, and claims to have eyes only for her....then why will he only meet her at night? ...and why is she suddenly having fainting spells and strange visions of a girl that looks eerily like herself? Perhaps she is simply going mad...with all the changes in her life, it wouldn't be surprising...but what if there's more to it? Something is not quite right. The visions have turned to warnings, but about what and whom she simply can't believe. Will Evie be able to piece together the pieces of a puzzle spanning from both past and present....before it's too late?

A great book from author Gillian Shields as steps right into the Young Adult Fiction genre as if she has been there for years. I came across this book thanks to the HarperTeen Browse Inside web page. (Thanks, HarperTeen!) They had an extended preview of the book available (page 75...what? You'd remember too if you read it!) which left me anxiously waiting for more. I promptly pre-ordered it online and expected to receive said title in a week or two. Boy was I surprised to get the book last Friday, a full 4 days prior to official release dates! (Yay me!) I quickly dived right into the story, devouring every page that stood between me and the ending. It's really a great book! KUDOS on the time of the release as it fits quite nicely into the most popular categories of books being read today. With characters you will love (Evie, Sarah, Agnes, and even Helen...) and detest (sorry, but Celeste is just mean...regardless of why), Gillian Shields draws you into the action, the mystery, the heart-felt feelings of both desires and loss, and the lore of the Mysticke Way.

Step into a world created for book lovers just like you! For a preview of the book, click on the cover image in this'll be glad that you did.

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time....happy reading!


Petty Witter said...

Hi, just visiting from Book Army where I received your message about this very book. I like Book Army very much as a site but prefer to look at blogs as you have so much more room to review. Anyway thanks for the recommendation - I shall certainly give it a look even though I'm one of those older then the 'target' audience of the author/publisher.

GMR said...

I agree! Book Army lets you briefly review the title and readers thoughts, but blogs (such as mine!) let you "talk" until your hearts content.
Regarding target audiences...they may have an intended group, but the written word was meant for one and all! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Bri Meets Books said...

When I get some spare time, I'll read this one. And I'll look for my copy of Robe of Skulls to lend you.

GMR said...

I think you'll really enjoy it! And yes...the Robe of Skulls would be awesome to read! Let me know!

Juju said...

I really gotta read this one.

GMR said...

I concur, Juju! The cover drew me in but the story kept my attention.

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