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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Writing on the Wall

Hello again, everyone! Surprised to hear (well, okay read) from me again so soon? No worries...I'm just keeping you on your toes! Seriously has been a while since the last "Writing on the Wall" segment and today felt like as good a time as any.

Ah, the infamous wall on which the writing is written...or at least that's where it should be. This one starts out as blank for this post to allow YOU the chance to write whatever you want. Whether it's something you're thinking about, feedback, suggestions, or mindless wanderings, you've got a place available to share with others.

My contribution for today is going to be a little horn tooting of my own. I came across a site the other day called Webs. They offer both premium AND FREE webs site creations for online users. Being naturally curious (what can I say, perhaps I was a cat in another life?), I decided to try and make one for my own use. The end result, or should I say fledgling start, is Insatiable Readers. Original, right? I purposely chose the same name for this newly created site in the hopes of moving over to it fully one day or sharing blog time at both locations (see, there IS a method to my madness!). Although I like the available features thus far, I wanted to see what YOU, the readers, thought of it. Be brutal! (okay, maybe not brutal, but kindly honest) Is the navigation easy, the look better or worse, the forums and guestbook convenient, and of course the content (although at this time, there is only a welcome message, and about me page)..... Post your thoughts and suggestions either directly on the new site or on this posting!

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback! (as always)
Until next time....happy reading!

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