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Monday, January 25, 2010

ABC's With a Twist: F is for Florida by E.J. Sullivan

Hello there!  Welcome back to another week here at Satisfaction fro Insatiable Readers!  All kinds of fun abound this week with book reviews, weekly meme posts, and a book tour stopping by the last part of the exciting!  Monday's are generally reserved for the "In My Shopping Bag" post and while that still happened earlier today, I couldn't help but share this fun little read that I recently paged through regarding my current state of residence and a fun way to help children learn their ABC's.  Today's book of choice is.....

F is for Florida
A State Alphabet Book
E.J. Sullivan
Illustrated by
Ernie Eldredge


A fun rhyming tale
Good for both girls and boys,
Florida state is the subject
Now let's hear some noise!
From the alligators down south
To the air base up North,
Each place is covered
With a laugh and a snort.

My favorite by far
Though each section's quite good,
Is the 'H is for hurricanes'
Wish the season over, if it would.
But alas, with each year,
That threat is renewed;
From the A's to the Z's
Each name issued is boo'd.

Fret not my dear readers
Florida is not the only state covered;
The author had fore-sight
And covered a few others.
Each has its own book,
Reaching seven in sum;
The alphabet taught to young learners
In a way, less ho-hum.  (hehehe)

So pardon the pun,
As I finish this rhyme;
Hope you enjoyed the review,
Happy reading, til next time!


ColleenFL said...

Wonderful review! I liked it a lot,
You're a real reviewing hotshot!

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

HEHE MUCH love to Florida

Melanie said...

Awesome review! One of the most original ones I've ever read. I love it! =D

The1stdaughter said...

This is really why I love your site, you write reviews about books you love to talk about. Which is really how it's supposed to be. Who needs a mentor? I just need to pay more attention to what you're doing.

Great, fun review!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the name of your blog. My book blog is called The Insatiable Reader. Great minds think alike?
Just popping in to say "hi."

Gina said...

ColleenFL: LOL.
That was great and so impromtu,
Many thanks from me to you! (Okay, yes...I am DONE with the rhyming for now.) =0)

CleverlyInked: =0)

Melanie: Aww...thanks! =0)

The1stdaughter: *blushes* What can I say...I love books, and love to talk (well, type) about them too! Must spread the love!

Juju: Thanks!

Mrs. B: Ah ha! So you're the one that had the blogspot address I wanted. LOL. =0)
Interesting coincidence...I'll have to check out your site! Thanks for stopping by!

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