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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dread of Night, Vol 1 by Joshua D. Boeringa

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Thanks for making my site a part of your day and hopefully you discover a book or two to add to your own "to-read" list.  I must apologize for the MIA off and on though; life she is crazy right now but I'll definitely be trying to make the blog visit/comment circuit here as regularly as possible.  As for reading and reviews, you can count on fresh material....even if the reading is done anywhere and everywhere because let's face it, you CAN'T say no to reading.  The horror....and speaking of horror....

Today's featured title is a little chilling, a little creepy, and at times down right haunting.  It's geared towards older children and young adults, but may even have adults looking over their shoulder a time or know, just to be on the safe side.  *ahem*  Ready for this horror-ific review?  Today's book of choice is....

Dread of Night, Volume 1
illustrated by
Robert Forest

From the back cover....
Thirteen tales to keep you up at night.  Check the closet and under the bed, grab a flashlight and huddle under the covers.  In these tales you'll encounter monsters straight out of your nightmares.  A helpful stranger is not as kind as he seems.  An old man has a hard time letting go.  A fisherman's first catch of the day may be his last.  The young man renting the room upstairs is hiding a terrible secret.  Read on if you dare, but don't turn off the lights.
Horrors are lurking in the shadows.

Creepy right?  ~shudders~  The stories within are perfect for a quick chill or thrill, easily digested when you only have a few moments to spare (or if you're like me and read whenever spare time presents itself....even waiting in a LONG line...hehe).  Being that it is a collection of short stories, I'll approach this one on that individual level.  There's always a few in these situations that don't quite hit the mark for one reason or another, but in this case, the majority ruled and came out successful. 

You have the unexpected twist encountered in "Crunched for Time" where you certainly learn that timeliness is next to godliness (or at least receive a great reminder of why we are taught to avoid strangers).  "Turning the Soil" proves that no book should be judged by its cover not person by their outward appearance...or plants.  In "Teddy", we see that doors are locked to keep things out as well as in and "The Fishwife" will leave you with a healthy respect for people's privacy, lest you desire to lose ten pounds in a hurry.  My favorite by far was actually the last story...."Toward the County Line".  I think it was the real aspect of it, the "this-could-actually-happen" that sends shivers up you spine. 

All in all, an interesting read.  Be sure to take note of the poetry inserted here and there in the book as well.  They are not listed in the "contents" but add a little something extra to the collection that you won't want to miss.  All of this when coupled with the inkblot-esque or negative space illustrations will have many readers reaching for their trusty nightlight...or teddy bear...or dog.  Keep someone or something close by and delve into a world of shadows....just be sure to keep your head about you lest it be picked up by a wandering soul.

Recommended for preteens and older looking for a little "boo" in their daily reading routine.  Review copy courtesy of author Joshua D. Boeringa.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title including excerpts and audio renderings, as well as his other works, feel free to visit his website or follow along on Twitter

Until next time....happy reading! 


Misha said...

I am not the bravest person, so this might not be the book for me. Even the cover is creepy!

GMR said...

Misha: Hmm, I don't know....I think you could do it. Just stick to reading it during DAYLIGHT hours... ^_^

Shy said...

LOL! I like your tips up there :P I used to try reading Stephen King's work at night and ended up having nightmare. Dare not to do that again ever since. Totally love the description of this book. I think it gives readers enought spice to give this book a shot. Very well done!

Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower!

If paranormal romance interests you please check out my friend @

GMR said...

Shy: Thanks! Agreed on the description....shares just enough without ruining the contents. ^_^

J.Lee McKenzie: Welcome aboard and thanks for the follow! ^_^

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