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So, QUICK is pretty much shut down at the moment. We were right in the path of Hurricane Michael (like so many others), and while the family is safe (pups, and parents), the house didn't fair as well. So, reading and blogging (as much as I adore it) have to take a back burner. My apologies to any tours or promised review dates...hopefully I'll be able to "reopen" one day, but it's just not in sight as of yet. Here's hoping your reading adventures continue on with no issues! Until we meet again, stay safe, check in from time to time, and happy reading!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Read All About It: Nicolas and Co

Hi guys!
Welcome to the weekend edition of Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.
I'm on my way out the door but I simply had to share a little bookish news with all of you before I do.  Get ready to read all about this exciting new release coming September 15th to a bookstore shelf near you....or should I say "watch all about it" as we take a look at the book trailer for Nikolas and Co: A Creature Most Foul from Aero Studios!  Ready?  Just click PLAY.....

Exciting, right?
Here's even more to get excited about....

The first 100 pages of the book will be released on June 30th.
Guess who is all signed up for a sneak peek?
Yep...yours truly....
~happy dance~
...and of course that means a mini-review extended to you.

So get ready.
A grand adventure is coming....

To view a vlog from author Kevin McGill himself, just check out the official YouTube channel, and to discover more about this exciting tale coming our way, feel free to visit the official website or follow along on Twitter.

Until next time....happy reading!


Misha said...

That's an exciting trailer! I will be looking forward to your mini-review.

Alexia561 said...

Will keep an eye out for your mini-review, as it looks like an awesome read!

Juju at Tales of said...

O sounds exciting!

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