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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This girl's out of this world....LITERALLY!

Hi there, insatiable readers!
Welcome back to your daily serving of bookish goodness here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.  You may or may not notice a bit of a resurgence of my presence a new phone with unlimited web use can bet I'll be checking things out as often as I can.  ^_^  Focusing back on the bookish side of things....prepare yourself for this transmission....

(OH...and one more thing....PARDON the lack of pictures....BLOGGER was being overrun by gremlins again and wouldn't let me post any.. *grr*)

Hello earthlings.

Today we uncover the story of a friend of mine who Space Splashed light years from home in order to bring back the perfect specimen.  she was willing to sample many to uncover the one revealed to be her match by the great Zook....and many would have gladly allowed this tranfer of DNA for you see out tale is about a lovely Vahalalian Traveler who is on a mission, and time is running out!  Today's book of choice is....

Gary Ghislain

From the publisher...
David Gershwin's summer is about to take a turn for the weird. When his dad's new patient Zelda tells him she’s from outer space and on a quest to take Johnny Depp back to her planet, he knows he should run away screaming. But with one look from her mean, green eyes, David's hooked, and soon he's leaping across rooftops, running from police, and stealing cars just to stay by her side. He might not be a typical hero, but David's going to get the girl even if it takes him to the ends of the earth—or beyond.

A short and unusual read....oh come had to guess that last part was coming from the title at the very may be surprised to know that I wasn't entirely sold on the idea from the start.  That's right.  When it arrived on my doorstep, all I could think was, what in the world???  In keeping with the tone of honestly, the way the story jumped back and forth from brief scene to new character introduction and back again over the course of a single page....I was having a bit of trouble connecting the dots (or finding a reason to care about the characters and their fate)....not to mention the whole mission was a bit absurd.  I mean really, her match was suppose to be the Johnny Depp.  Yeah...I'm sure there's a gazillion other Earthlings that would claim the same thing right now if given the choice.

It wasn't until about halfway through the book (which thankfully wasn't too many actual pages number wise) that Pudin' (aka David, aka the new willing slave of space girl) and Zelda (same said space girl) are making their way closer to their target that things really started to come together.  We get more of a background on Zelda, who she is, her people's history, the de-le-o on her choice of Barbarzilla well as the "key" that needs to be transferred to her match before it's too late (too late as in it will no longer work to open the portal to her world).  David's family life becomes clearer as does the appearance of his backbone (well, at times at least).  The scenes are more connected though still kept light enough to move this short story along fluidly, building towards an ending you don't really expect but whose arrival works perfectly to fulfill your renewed interest in the storyline.

All in all, I don't regret the was short, it was interesting, it was out of this to speak.  Recommended read for older children and beyond as there are some references to body parts and acts that the youngest audience may not be quite ready for, though they are still on the tame side.  Both male and female readers will have something to cheer for in this book and with its quirkiness, it may even draw in those relunctant readers still looking for something to hook their interest.  So Space Splash (sorta like disappearing and reappearing really fast) your way to a bookstore near you and see just how our Vahalalian counterparts approach the Earthly concept of finding "the one".  You may be surprised at their methods, appalled by their intents (because they aren't taking them home just to look pretty), but you can't argue with the efficiency.

Hungry for a sample?  Wish granted!  Courtesy of Chronicle Books....take a scroll through the excerpt below.....
How I Stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend

ARC for review courtesy of Chronicle Books.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as their full catalog, feel free to visit them online or follow along on Twitter.  To discover more about the mind behind the book, check out author Gary Ghislain online or send him a tweet.

Until next time....happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

I've been looking forward to your review of this ever since you first mentioned it - so glad you enjoyed the book, thanks for a great review even if it was without any accompanying images - grr to blogger.

Misha said...

I am in love with the title of the book - maybe it's because it has Johnny Depp and alien in the same sentence :) It sounds like an unusual read - I might give it a try.

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