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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home HAUNTED home...

Hi guys!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers...the place to be when you're ready for a SPOOKY read and your brain is perplexed by the plethora of choices.  No worries, I'll help light the way with a grin and a....BOO!  ^_^

So, I did something recently that will shock you.  No really!  It's SO out of character that you'll wonder just who is REALLY writing this post.  I mean, it even shocked ME!  Wanna know what it is?  Well, do you?

Come close.

A little bit closer.


I read a book OFF the review list.

!! AWE !!

I know, right?  Seems like a not-a-big-deal situation, however the life of a book blogger (especially one that LOVES to read a wide range of genres) can get quite busy...not complaining in the least, just making an observation...and so the chance to interject something other than what's on the books (so to speak) can be few and far between. Well, one day after watching a movie (The Conjuring to be precise), I felt inclined to investigate the people behind the film, or rather some of the people portrayed IN the film.  One thing led to another and BOOM...a new book was on my read-now list lickety split.  

Ready to read all about the title that caught my attention (among others), interrupted my reading program, and got me started on a haunted note for the season?  Let's DO this!  Today's book of choice is...

The Ghosts of the Allen House
Mark Spencer

So imagine sharing your house with another.  What's that?  Oh, you do already?  I bet they are FAR less interesting than these house guests...or at the very least, less deceased.  *gulp*

Yes, this book is taking us on a visit to the other side via a house in the here and now, occupied by both the present AND the past.  Welcome to the Allen House in sunny Monticello, Arkansas, where the view at first glance is stately and majestic...but wait, who IS that at the writing desk in the upstairs window?  *glances*  Whether a believer in the other side or merely curious, this one presents a true story of events that have transpired with an openness that is at once refreshing and inviting...letting you draw your own conclusions from all that is presented.  The Spencer's openness to having the haunting confirmed or debunked will have you glued to the pages turn after turn (hopefully not by themselves, though it will seem as such as those remaining decrease in number).

 Mind you, they didn't set out to buy/move into a haunted house per se, it merely called to them, or should we be saying CHOSE them.  Yep.  No other way to put it really when looking at everything as a whole.  Let's see there's the original owners not wanting to sell to anyone...until the Spencer's arrived.  The house they rent while the deal is being worked just so happens to be connected to their future home...and well, you get the picture.  Sounds to be like those from the past were ready to make their stories known and the Spencer family received their "BOO" of approval.

In conclusion, if you are easily spooked...I'd recommend reading this one with during daylight hours or with your best bud, whether human or fur baby; if not, have at it my friend!  I highly enjoyed it, even the more historically charged parts (and we all know how much a fan I am of that particular genre...or not) and personally would LOVE the chance to visit the house, meet with the current family, and witness an interaction with the spirits that are still there today.  Step inside and meet souls from the past and the present while discovering just how much in common we ALL still have.

Review copy obtained on my own for my reading pleasure.  This title is available now from Llewellyn Worldwide, so be on the look out for it on a bookstore shelf near you.

Until next time...happy reading!


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Aaah, yea. I'm easily spooked. lol. Sounds like it's so well done though. :) Thank you.

Juju at Tales of said...

You go girl!!!!
Pish posh schedules! ;)
Great review.

Tracy Terry said...

Also easily spooked but I can understand why this made it onto your 'read it now' list lickety split which by the way is a wonderful expression.

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