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Monday, October 5, 2015

Celebrating World Teachers' Day with Grammarly!

Hi there!
Welcome back to another week here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

Today, we're joining in the celebration for WORLD TEACHERS' DAY with the folks over at Grammarly Inc!  (~waves~)  That's right.  Today is the day we share our THANKS with those intelligent and saintly patient folks that taught us reading, writing, arithmetic, and more.  Some left impressions well beyond the classroom while others simply stuck because of their iron rule, but one way or another, part of the you that is you today was shaped by them.  Quite an important role, is it not?  Well then, THANKS I say to each and every broaden-er of minds out there no matter what stage in life you interact with your students.  You are a treasure that may go unrecognized at times, but will never be forgotten.

Before we get personal, let's check out the role of the teacher on a broader spectrum...

World Teacher Day

Definitely some pretty big statistics to digest there and a "call to arms" so to speak that will hopefully be heard.  Without these dedicated souls helping to light the way, where would we be as a people today? one really knows, but I wouldn't like to find out either.  I was one of those students that really loved going to school.  The journey for knowledge was my shy soul's bread and butter.  Thinking back, there are several teacher's that made an impact on my life.  Among those of note... 7th grade English teachers - the first was a force to be reckoned with that unfortunately many did not appreciate, but all my grammar skills (no lie) I owe to this leader; the second, sparked my love of literature anew with all the classic books we explored inside and out. 11th grade English Literature teacher - she was a first year teacher but remarkable nonetheless.  She could always be counted on to draw the class out of their shell and make the reading and interpreting process interactive.  I remember being assigned a project on The Scarlet Letter where we had to analysis the chapter and create a visual aid to go along with it.  Ours was the scene where the scarlet "A" seems to appear in the sky...built a diorama complete with light up "A" in the background.

So, my fair readers, who inspired you?  Take a moment to thank them today or leave a comment below to share your gratitude with the virtual world.  

Special thanks to Nik and the entire Grammarly Inc team for alerting me to the "holiday" as well as the swell infographic to share.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this celebration, check out their blog post, and for more Grammarly fun, feel free to wander around their site, friend them on Facebook, or catch them on Twitter.

Until next time...happy reading!


Tracy Terry said...

Like you I loved school. In fact I can remember being really ill (not to mention infectious) with what I seem to remember was chickenpox and my mam almost having to lock me in the house to stop me from going.

Mr Solly is the teacher I will always remember with such fondness. My R.E teacher throughout senior school as well as a great educator he was so much fun and installed in his pupils a respect for others religions.

Carmen, the Milligan Mom said...

Need a LOVE button!! High praise for the librarian who encouraged me to read Gone with the Wind in 6th grade, knowing that it would change my life. I am definitely more Scarlett than Melanie! Thanks for this post!

Barbara S said...

Fourth grade teacherr Sister Mart Judith had a way of instilling the best achievement drive anyone cold she was stern but kindness lived in her eyes and heaetc I miss her

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