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Thursday, October 15, 2009

But Then Again I Could Be Wrong: The Book of Rants by Jim Rising

Hello there!  Welcome back to another day and another post here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.  We've got a few different events coming up but alas...I like surprises and therefore the details shal be known only to moi at this time.  =0)  ('ll like them!)  With the sun shining and the humidity rising, it felt like time to dive into a book to bring back memories of the past...and SNOW!  So, let's move on with it...

Today's post is similiar to another recent one in the fact that I am letting the actual book title act as the post title as well.  (Well, if not for the length, come on!  The title is pretty cool anyone, right?) Today's book of choice (for those of you that DIDN'T read the title) is.....


WHOO-whoo-WhOo! (insert flashing red lights) This is a HUMOR ALERT!  Inside the pages of this book, you will not only find a memoir of sorts detailing the life and times of a radio personality (okay, spokesperson, disc jockey...whatever terminology works for you, go with it), but humor to boot!

Ever have a time when you wondered why people do such silly (*COUGH**stupid*COUGH*) things?  Do you just file these instances away in the "forget-as-soon-as-possible" folder?  Or are you the person that gets online and types up a storm on the lastest thing that crossed you today?  Whether former or later, not to worry...there are many like you out there in either case.  Jim Rising, author and "subject" of this book has the privilege of talking about his "weighings on the mind" almost whenever the mood strikes....such is the freedom of life on the radio!  If you've tuned to any local station recently, you are sure to have heard the DJ's talking about this or that.  If you are like me, you probably tune them out half the time and either wait for a song to play, or change the station.  There are however those rare occasions when the person's personality comes through in what they are delivering and it just hits home.  This book is a collection of just that.  Daily "rantings" of situations encountered, thoughts entertained, and various what-not to spark conversation, laughter, and maybe your own remembrances.  Take it in all at once, or merely in small doses....but I'd definitely recommend this book the next time you encounter a "what the heck" kind of day.

Now I may be a bit partial on this one, and no....not because of how I obtained the book (don't worry, it's disclosed at the end of this post).  After being contacted by Nicole from Tribute Books, I was surprised to learn that not only are they located in Scranton, Pennsylvania (ah, it feels good to spell that out again), but the author and subject, Jim Rising, lives in the general vicinity, thereby making his stories and recollections all about that area! (SQUEEEE!)  So....oh, wait, you look confused?  Why is that important to me?  Oops!  Forgot to mention that.  My family was transplanted to our current location FROM around the same location in PENNSYLVANIA! (LOVE spelling that!  You know in school up there, it's like one of the FIRST words you learn how to spell.  Yep, no PA abbreviations for you.  Spell it out or face the consquences....) (overly dramatic, yes!  But worth the effect..) So, as you might be able to guess, this was like a walk down memory least in the aspect of locations mentioned and such.

The stories were highly entertaining and although some of that may come from an understanding of the sense of humor and living in the area he is speaking of, I feel it would be entertaining to "outsiders" (meant in the nicest way) as well!  Give it a try!  You can't tell me that you've never seen someone seriously investigating the most outrageously crazy item being sold at a sale and wondered, "why on earth would anyone buy that or sell it"....or maybe you've seen a great event coming up in your area only to discover the main act is minus a few players and the main draw is the refreshments....or maybe you've had a bird feeder that mysteriously ends up clear across the yard and your thinking OMG, it's Super Squirrel!  (Okay, so I'll stop's really something you have to read to understand...***laughing at the screen***)

Review copy in eBook format courtesy of Nicole at Tribute Books! (Thank you for both the book and the smile!)  For those of you that live in the Twitter world (GUILTY!), feel free to "follow" them! (Who isn't on there nowadays?)

Since I am now reminiscing about home (and SNOW...I really miss snow!), let's talk about YOUR hometown!  Which state and/or country (city too, if you are willing to share...if not, no big!) to you originally hail from?  What was your favorite thing about it?  Least?

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time...happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Thanks for that review. I must confess that, though not a huge fan of the radio, when I do listen in the rantings of hosts generally sees me changing station.

An interesting idea to get us talking - where do we hail from and what do we like/dislike about it?

I live in Newcasttle in the North East of England. I love the people, known to be some of the friendliest in the country, polls show we have an accent that makes people feel they can trust us. I dislike the lack of public loos in the city centre, for such a large place its pretty dire if you want to 'spend a penny' and especially after the shops have closed.

Gina said...

Petty Witter: Honestly, I normally switch too...I mean I turned the radio on for music, that's what I want to hear. There's one show syndicated a lot that I will actually stop and listen for a few moments...the John Tesh radio show. They don't droll on and on...they offer little tidbits of interesting information and "did-you-know" tips.
Wow, England, huh? Always wanted to go there...not sure which part, but just one of those places on the wish list. Sounds like you've got a friendly little place there, but oooh....the other issue could prove challenging! (Same issue here, we don't even have public ones, just the stores, restaurants and your own at home!)

Tribute Books said...

Gina, thanks for your great review. I'm glad it brought back memories of Pennsylvania - and what a great idea to have a comment section about remembering your hometown - what a fantastic idea!

Alexia561 said...

I tend to want to listen to music on the radio, so am guilty of changing the station whenever the DJ starts rambling. However, I do appreciate humor, so might take a look at this one.

Enjoyed your review! And glad it brought back happy memories of your old home. :)

Kate Diamond said...

You mentioned Scranton, PA! Hurray! I used to spend Thanksgiving in Philly every year with a college friend... and we made a pilgrimage to Scranton to pick up scrapple (a very localized psuedo-sausage).

Felicity Grace Terry said...

GMR. most people visiting England head straight to London - OK, so it's a capital city with all the attractions of one but we here in the North East are much friendlier and also have some wonderful attractions as well as beautiful scenery. Grief heres me sounding like a tourist information advert. Anyway if you ever do make it to England, make sure to pay us a visit.

Gina said...

Tribute Books: Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the review...I thought that since it reminded me of home, why not invite others to reminisce. =0)

Alexia561: Aha! It seems we share that in common...the really long-winded stuff I have to turn off, but the short fun ones, I can handle. =0)

Kate Diamond: Really? That's great! I must confess I've heard of scrapple, but never actually had it....glad to hear you spent the holiday's in the surrounding area. It's really beautiful in fall and winter....the leaves changing color or all the snow. =0)

Petty Witter: LOL. Yeah, that happens in the states too....I'll be sure to add it to my "must-see-if-I-ever-visit" list. =0)

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