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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bake Sales and Blackmail

Hi there readers!

As promised, I'm back with another post to hopefully brighten your reading day and quite possibly add to you wish list.  It's a book with an off kilter title and a story that while some may view as a bit out there....I personally found the possibilty of it all too real, but in a "OMG-that-could-totally-happen" sorta way.  Now it's not for the kiddos as it has a few blushworthy scenes but trust's good.  Ready to find out what's behind that blog post title?  Here we go!  Today's book of choice is....

Confessions of a PTA Mafia Mom
Elsie Love

Elaine Elizabeth Jackerson, aka Lanie from here on out, is doing what a lot of parents will be doing in a few weeks...getting her kids out the door to the first day of school.  Her surly daughter Lexie is like most teens, ready to be on her own and couldn't care less about what dear old Mom says.  Her son affectionately known as Poodle still loves her attention but wants his space as well prompting him to have her delay her arrival to the first day of school parent PTA meeting until he clears the area.  Such is the life of a Mom. 

To tell you the truth though, Lanie doesn't really want to go either.  She's really only going to get her husband off her back because lately her ambition and go-get-em have been below par....okay, sub zero.  She just hasn't been herself and while she's sought solace in her nightly liquid escapes, her home life has been taking a hit (or two or three) that she never anticipated.  Perhaps the company of her fellow Glen Ellyn mom's was just what the doctor ordered...then again, I don't think the doctor that ordered that ran with this crowd. 

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to this particular PTA group...and I'm not talking about their incredible bake sale skills either.  They're one unstoppable bunch in more ways than one, which our friend Lanie is about to discover one heavy breathing phone call later.  Like I said...this is not your ordinary PTA, this is the PTA Mafia and they're about to make Lanie an offer she can't refuse.

Alright, so here we have a title that at first glance makes me think...okay, this could be interesting...but the story was more than that, it was fun and exciting too.  The probability of it all actually occurring, slim to none....or is it?  I mean didn't you ever wonder how your school PTA was able to consistantly pull off event after flawless event without ever having a curl out of place?  Oh admit have and that's okay!  It's all a part of the fun in this adventure.  Now, continuing with the story...

It's more than just bake sales and meetings.  There's a story of family and values, love both lost and gained, lust (of a particular Hawaiian hottie you won't mind dreaming of) and passion for both people and creativity. Lanie is dealing with life as it comes at her.  She accepts those things that have happened due to her own negligence and takes action to stop those things that are not....eventually.  Admittedly there is a learning curve but hey, life doesn't come with an instruction manual (at least mine didn't...if yours did, please share!).  I loved her characters growth by stories end even more so than the makeover because it was more permanent, a change on the inside for the better.  Now since we're talking characters....

There is a full cast of characters that are memorable for one reason or another and while I could list them all, I shan't.  Allow me to point out a few a the "top dogs" though...starting with Suni Calverson.  A force to be reckoned with with or without the deadly duo of Yvette and Babette by her side, one nod from Suni and well, let's just say the forecast for your day is no longer matching her name.  Then we have the duo listed there and while they're names may rhyme, that's about as cutesy as they get.  On a suni-er note (pun intended), we have Benjamin Oliana...Lanie's suppose to be fling whose heartthrob status is noticeable even in black and white font...but whose motives are somewhat harder to discern.  *le sigh* I suppose no one can be perfect.  Suffice it to say, there's a large cast but not so large as to get lost in the shuffle.

All in all, a well written story with changes in direction that  you won't always see coming and will definitely leave a smile on your face....for one reason or another.  Take a chance with Lanie as she embarks on a forced mission of self discovery only to uncover to powerful woman that was there the whole time.  Recommended read for adult readers as it deals with a few blushworthy scenes and topics...nothing x-rated but still, adult intended. 

Ebook for review courtesy of author Elsie Love.  (Thanks!)  For more information on the author as well as her full body of work, feel free to visit her website for all the delightful details.

Until next time....happy reading!


Misha said...

PTA Mafia?! Scary! haha
This sounds like such a fun book. You've made me particularly curious about that Hawaiian hottie you mentioned :D

Alexia561 said...

Enjoyed your review! This one sounds like a fun read, and who doesn't love a Hawaiian hottie? ;)

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