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Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Friday! It's Friday!

*ring* *ring*
*ring* *ring*

You want to talk to who?
Oh yeah, the Insatiable Reader!
Unfortunately she's not in right now...yep.  Crazy busy work day ahead but she'll be back later with a review the mean time, feel free to leave a message after the beep.  Ready?
- BEEP -

*Thanks Brainy! (How appropriate I got this little guy in my Mickey D's box yesterday.  ^_^ Check back later guys for a review.  Have a great weekend...and happy reading!


Juju at Tales of said...

You're so cute. I love this post. You off to see the movie?

Alexia561 said...

Too cute! I need to go to McDonalds for the Happy Meal toys! :)

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

Brainy rocks! I so want to see the new Smurfs movie!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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