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Monday, July 23, 2012

SUMMER READING: 52 Reasons...

Hi there readers!
Welcome back to another exciting week here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers…the place to be when kicking your week off in a bookish direction sounds like the PERFECT plan of attack.

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As I sat down to write this post, I was perplexed by what book to choose…as of right now, I have a small selection of titles “read” to select from.  Did I want to go the quick and easier (not easy because those reviews can be long too) route with a storybook or perhaps something a little deeper and thought provoking?  Maybe it should be something action packed and adventurous or something on the spookier side of things? *think think think* Decisions, decisions….but my decision was MADE with I spotted this little gem.

I figured, it is SUMMER for most people, so why not choose something that is definitely a great summer read; quick, easily digested in a sitting or two, and a whole lot of fun (just like the other book I read by the author previously)?  Curious which book came out on top?  Here it comes.  Today’s book of choice is…


Usually this is the part that I put the author’s or publisher’s summary of the book, but not today.  Why?  Well, it gives more away than I care to at the moment.  Suffice it to say that this book is full of laugh inducing moments, gasp rendering scenes, and breath catching chemistry that will keep you on your toes.  The story in a nutshell?  Teen heiress Lexington Larrabee is about to turn 18 and be granted access to her multi-million dollar fortune promised since birth…only NOT.  You see, she’s more “Hilton” than “Diana” and with her latest fiasco, let’s just say that Daddy Dearest has a little something more planned for her….like 52 weeks of something more.  If she doesn’t learn her lesson by the time this is over, she never will.

Its fast, it’s furious, it’s down right revolting at times, but that’s what makes the story fun!  You get to see how the “other half” live, those at least living without abandon and not caring about the world at large, and still get to see them receive their comeuppance.  In the spirit of the book, allow me to take my review to the listing side of things, only this won’t be reasons that match Lex’s personal list, but rather…

52 Reasons to Read This Book

1.  Flashy cars
2.  Lifestyles of the rich and famous
3.  Rags to Riches – That’s right; her father didn’t start out with a silver spoon.  Perhaps a connection to his list of 52 for her?  Perhaps…
4.  Club hopping
5.  Hot ex-boyfriends – Though if I may say, there is a lot to be said for substance as well…
6.  The fact that I used “comeuppance” in a sentence and who DOESN’T like to see that happen once in a while to those who appear to need a healthy dose of it…
7.  The freedom to go wherever you want
8.  The freedom to buy whatever you want
9.  The freedom to know whomever you want
10.  Rockin’ friends – Jia and T – They may not have a lot of substance (though we don’t REALLY get to know them that well), they definitely have good intentions.  Who else would fly you to your Las Vegas 18th birthday party when Daddy cut you off from using the private jet?
11.  Exotic locations
12.  Lavish mansions
13.  Invites to exclusive events
14.  Being the only daughter to a money tycoon – meaning extra privileges!
15.  An interesting father figure - Mr. Larrabee – He’s not as bad as he seems, even when he comes off with some WAY off the mark comments about life and love.  He truly loves his family even if he doesn’t always appear to know how to show it.
16.  Fabulous wardrobe
17.  A house…with…its….own…LIBRARY. _faints_
18.  Servants at your every beck and call.
19.  Holly – She’s her constant companion and what a listener!  She’s a brown and white Papillon living the high life thanks to Lex who couldn’t be more adorable and more understanding if she wanted to be.
20.  Vacuuming can be funny!  Especially if you’ve never used one and have to Google how to turn it on… *-*
21.  Vacuuming can be an adventure!  Especially when you’ve never done it and somehow don’t understand that you were suppose to pick up the large items on the floor first…
22.  Vacuums can be evil…or appear as though they are when smoke starts pouring out of them…
23.  Bruce – Her Dad’s lawyer and keeper of the funds until Lex completes her deal.  52 weeks is a long time but is it REALLY when you’re talking $25 million?
24.  Wigs…by the dozen
25.  Disguises…by the dozen
26.  Status Reports – Take on a whole new meaning when Luke requests them and Lex responds with a video message complete with transcript of her “adventures” of the past week.
27.  Polyester – Yes, she is introduced to this “wonderful” material used in many uniforms… *sarcasm*
28.  Reve – The flavor of the week…in potential wives that is for Mr. Larrabee…
29.  Rolando – Coworker at Don Juan’s Tacos and so much more.  Dare I say it?  Her first “real” friend?
30.  Luke – Glorified babysitter?  Perhaps, but he’s also not hard on the eyes or on the heart.  A character with an obvious role to play, even that lack of surprise doesn’t ruin the story.  It only gives you something to possibly root for.
31.  Luke’s fashion sense before Lex…
32.  …and Luke’s style after Lex’s advice – both are humorous and eye catching in their own right.
33.  Lex learns the meaning of a dollar
34.  Lex discovers the satisfaction that comes from helping others
35.  Lex understands the meaning of “a hard day’s work”
36.  Lex’s attempts to undermine her Dad’s project…like he didn’t already think of that!
37.  Luke flipping out when Lex isn’t waiting for him to pick her up from her latest “task”….hello!  She can make friends too!  Wait, did I just say that?
38.  Caroline – The over anxious publicist and media wrangler for the Larrabee family; she may have all her plans laid out but she’s about to learn that she doesn’t have the final say…serves her right, too!
39.  Lex’s brothers
40.  Lex’s Mom – She finally learns the truth about the woman she was and what really happened all those years ago.  In the process, she discovers the key to unlocking her father’s heart.
41.  Mendi’s reappearance – did I mention hot ex-boyfriends?
42.  Lex’s memory – comes in handy when a plot is uncovered that could ruin everything
43.  Holly’s perfect timing – always there with a lick or a snuggle when she’s down and out or needs a reminder of the person she can choose to be
44.  Mr. Larrabee’s transformation…and you thought this project would only involve growth on Lex’s part…
45.  Rolando – deserving of another mention for certain because we should all be lucky enough to know someone like him…
46.  Google …because it takes a starring role a time or two for Lex and certainly has some interesting things it can teach you; lock picking 101 anyone?
47.  The master plan of Lex and Luke – because espionage is so THIS YEAR, right?
48.  Lex playing it cool when it looks like the jig is up
49.  The pins and needles waiting game played when waiting to see what will become of the Larrabee empire
50.  Luke’s new role … definitely smile inducing
51.  The person Lex chooses to be
52.  The ending…because although you see most of it coming, it’s always more satisfying to actually read it.

Whew!  Didn’t think I’d make it out of that list alive…much like Lexington!  She really is a great character, in the end, and the same can be said about most of the cast mentioned (or not mentioned) here.  There’s a lot more substance to here than meets the eye. 

Recommended read for teens and beyond.  The story teaches you a thing or two about perseverance, kindness, helping others, and not losing yourself with a healthy dose of laughs, love and fun along the way.  It shows that everyone is entitled to have different sides to their personalities; it’s the side we show to those we care for most that truly makes us who we are. 

ARC for review courtesy of Ksenia at MacMillan Children’s Publishing Group.  (THANKS!)  For more information about this title as well as their complete catalog, feel free to visit them online, like them on Facebook or follow along on Twitter.  This book was released earlier this month from Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, so be on the look out for it on a bookstore shelf near you.  To discover more about author Jessica Brody and see what she’s up to next, feel free to visit her official website, check out her blog, like her on Facebook or follow along on Twitter.

Until next time…happy reading!


....Petty Witter said...

After all those reasons who could fail to want to read this?

The1stdaughter said...

Hilarious! I can't believe you came up with a full 52 reasons, that's crazy! What a fun quick read. It sounds great for contemporary YA fans. Fabulous fabulous review!!! :o)

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