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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

BLOG TOUR: The Wedding Belles: To Have and To Hold by Lauren Layne - REVIEW + GIVEAWAY!

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Today, we're joining a FABULOUS blog tour already in progress from the folks at Simon & Schuster to celebrate the official release (as of yesterday) of the first book in a series YOU WANT TO KNOW.  Trust me...have I ever steered you wrong?  *wink*  Aside from introducing us to a few of our future reads and potential book boyfriends, there's also a pretty SWEET GIVEAWAY you're gonna want to stay tuned for.  So, decide whether you're sitting for the groom or bride, because we're taking a walk down the (book) aisle with today's book of choice...

Lauren Layne
Pocket Books

About the book...
She’s going after a second chance at life…
Discovering her fiancé is an international con man just moments before they exchange vows devastates celebrity wedding planner Brooke Baldwin’s business—and breaks her heart. Brooke thinks she’s found a fresh start in NYC with the Belles and her first bridal client, a sweet hotel heiress. Then she meets the uptight businessman who’s holding the purse strings.
But will she miss out on another shot at love?
Seth Tyler wishes he could write a blank check and be done with his sister Maya’s wedding. Unfortunately, micromanaging the event is his only chance at proving that Maya’s fiancé is a liar. Standing in his way is the stunning blond wedding planner who’s hell-bent on a comeback mission—and who both irritates and arouses him. Can he persuade her to unplan a wedding? And more importantly, how will he convince her that the wedding she should be planning…is theirs?


Image result for from this day forward lauren layneWhat began with a little novella entitled 'From This Day Forward' grew into the full fledged production that is this book.  While being tantalized by the relationship (or lack thereof) dynamics of Leah and Jason, I was BLOWN AWAY by the story that is Brooke and  Seth.  The chemistry is there from the start but the acknowledgement of it is slow in the coming.  Bummer for our leads, but yummy for readers!  Once things really ignite, the burn is so sweet that it was worth the wait.

Brooke is her own woman, taking charge of her life after a pretty much disaster at the altar.  All she wants to do is get over it, move on, and find her happily ever after somewhere down the the mean time, she's perfectly content to lose herself in the weddings of those she assists to plan with her fellow (The) Wedding Belles.  Sweet name for a wedding planning biz, right?  Anyway, she's ready to the job...when her first appointment walks in NOT the bride she was expecting, but the BROTHER of the bride, Mr. Seth Taylor.  My own description of the man would pale to the author's, so I'll let you investigate his eye-candy-worthiness on your own.  Now then....

One might ask, WHY THE BROTHER OF THE BRIDE?  Well, it seems he holds the purse strings to come degree of this prestigious family thanks to the unfortunate and untimely departure of the former family head.  He's there for support, as he loves his sister Maya dearly.  He's there for comfort, since she's still reeling from her father's absence.  He's prove her fiance is NOT what he seems.  *GASP!*  Good thing he's looking out for her, but perhaps not such a good thing considering the means-to-an-end he uses, including the services of our previously mentioned Wedding Belle, Brooke.  Oh the sparks that will fly as these two come head to head with their different motives and ideals...she believes in true love and he's fairly jaded (not entirely without reason), she's seeing the rainbow bright side of things while he's constantly suspicious of everything and everyone.  When these two finally see eye to eye, the world just might implode...or at least several may be rocked pretty much down to their cores.  *ahem*  You'll have to read it to see just how it all turns out, but I'm telling you now, you're in for QUITE the surprise!
Image result for wedding cakes
To conclude, I had a major love fest with the story, the writing, and the characters.  The ladies were well represented by all the darling, witty, and kick-butt Belles as well as the unflappable Maya, while the men shined up pretty well themselves despite having a bad penny or two in their midst.  Our leading man definitely had his issues to overcome but he had the well being of those he loved at heart giving us a knight in not-so-shiny-yet-expensive-armor that could still win your heart and mine...though that can also be said of his bestie who wasn't half bad himself.  It was a great beginning to what promises to be a MUST READ series for adult Contemporary Romance fans.


About the author...

Lauren Layne is the USA Today bestselling author of the Sex, Love, and Stiletto contemporary romances and the all-new Pocket Books series The Wedding Belles. She lives in New York with her husband and spoiled Pomeranian. Visit, meet the author on Facebook at LaurenLayneAuthor, or follow her on Twitter @_LaurenLayne.


Image result for pocket books logo

Special thanks to Melissa at Simon & Schuster for the ARC for review as well as the chance to bring this tour to you.  (THANKS!)  For more information about this title, THE TOUR, the author, or the publisher, feel free to click through the links provided above.  This title just celebrated its BOOK BIRTHDAY yesterday via Pocket Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, so be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf or virtual retailer of your choosing.  Stay tuned for the upcoming releases in the series to include For Better or Worse (08/30), and To Love and To Cherish (10/18).  Not keen on remembering things?  A little lax in the calendar department?  Tisk tisk...but we've got your problem solved with a capital "S"!

Image result for book bouquet

Thanks to the FAB folks at S&S, I have the chance to give you the opportunity to win THE WHOLE BOUQUET!  That's right!  THE WHOLE BOUQUET!  Now, I know what you're thinking...why do I want a bouquet...that can't POSSIBLY ship well!  You'd be right of course, but in this case, the BOUQUET is a collection of books...THESE books...sent to you as they release.  Feel free to SQUEE now...I've plugged my ears. 

All done?  Good!
Now, here's all the details...

We are excited to host The Wedding Belles Bouquet Giveaway to celebrate the publication of the first in the series, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD. The Wedding Belles Bouquet will include To Have and to Hold (7/26), For Better or Worse (8/30), and To Love and to Cherish (10/18). You can visit all sites on the Bouquet Giveaway Tour to enter to win–but keep in mind you can only win once! U.S. only. Each winner will receive one copy of each book during the week of its publication date.  Entries accepted through midnight August 5th, 2016.

Ready?  Set?  ENTER!

Until next time...GOOD LUCK...and happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Hmm, whilst a genre I only dip into every now and again, with the wedding season upon us both of these books (especially the second) really appeal to me.

traveler said...

This series and giveaway is captivating and beautiful. I love this uplifting type of feature and giveaway. Thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Karielle Stephanie said...

AHHH Lauren Layne is one of my favorite contemporary romance authors and I'd love to get to read her new series. I love the humor, insight, and emotion she puts in her characters' voices. Thank you for the chance to win!!!

Unknown said...

I loved the novella prequel of the series....can't wait to read the rest of them!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Unknown said...

Lauren Layne is a go-to author for me. I loved the prequel novella for this series, can't wait to read the rest! Who doesn't love books about weddings?!

Unknown said...

I love books about weddings and that's why I really want to read this series by Lauren Layne. Thank you so much for this giveaway.

Genesis Sheli said...

I loved the novella and To Have and To Hold! Lauren Layne always delivers fantastic stories with an amazing cast. Seth and Brooke were no different and I was shipping them so hard, especially at the end! <3
Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

Anonymous said...

This sounds so romantic. I read an excerpt of To Have And To Hold and I loved the underlying sexual tension and banter between Seth and Brooke.

cheryl c said...

I have read a few of her books, and she is becoming one of my favorite authors. This sounds like it's going to be a great series.

Tanya G said...

The major eye catcher for me is that it's by Lauren Layne. I love her books!

Videoclimber said...

Those covers! WOW!

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