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The one year Hurricane Michael anniversary is already here. Where did the time go...and yet it feels like forever. You don't realize how much you take for granted until it's all gone. I'm grateful my family/fur babies survived, and I know they are just "things", but sadly, in this life, those "things" help us get through every day. So yes, "happy" yet not. Every day is still a struggle...not just for my family, but so many others.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

BBAW: Day 5: Let's Focus On Me

Hello to all the fellow book-a-holics out there!  This has been a fantastic week full of contests, reviews, getting to know you posts, and more!  All done to celebrate....

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Today is the final post for the 2009 celebration (*sniff*sniff*..I promised I wouldn't cry...about...this....) and it shines the light on yours truly...or rather yours truly's blog.  The activity for the day was to talk about what you are most proud of and where you want your blog to be for the next BBAW....each one in 50 words or less.  I being a bit wordy at times felt the crunch but here goes nothing.....

~~~~What I Am Most Proud Of~~~~

I am most proud of my book reviews. Each one contains a title I have personally read as well as my honest opinion on the book. For better or worse, my readers can depend on me to showcase both good and not so good aspects of their potential future reads.


~~~~Where I Want to Be by BBAW 2010~~~~

By next year’s BBAW, I would like to make the shortlist! Seriously though, continuing to improve my posts, adding to the author interviews, a blog tour or two, and hosting a contest are all high on my list. More reader input would be great too as I love reading comments!

So there you have it!  Where I am and where I'd like to closing for the 2009 BBAW, I would like to thank everyone that helped make it happen as well as all the wonderful bloggers (and general participants) that have stopped by, left comments, or contributed to any of my posts!  It's really great to see the friendliness in this community and to be able to share that with so many others.  I know I found a lot of great new blogs to add to my daily visits (or weekly...I still haven't perfected that time making potion yet..) list and hopefully you did too!  Stay tuned for more satisfying tidbits from yours truly...the Insatiable Reader.

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time....happy reading!


Alexia561 said...

Making the shortlist is a great goal for next year! I'm thinking about hosting more contests and maybe a blog tour as well.

And I really like your reviews! Like you, I think that honesty is really important in a review.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to participate in a blog tour as well. I forgot to include that in my own list of goals.

GMR said...

Alexia561: Why, thank're too kind! Maybe we'll both make next year's list! =0)

reviewsbylola: It's so hard when listing your goals...especially after seeing some of the great things on other blogs. You kind of just keep adding to what you want to do! Good luck on your goals!

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