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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Talent For Trouble!: Once A Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

Hello, hello...testing...1, 2...*thump*thump*thump* this thing on?  Oh!  There you are!  I thought I lost you!  I know I haven't posted for a day or so, but I wanted one and all to enjoy our first author interview, front and center!  Alas, a new post is needed though and it just so happens that I recently finished (as in like 10 minutes ago) an advanced reader version of another GREAT book coming to a store near you!  Today's choice is....

(Release Date:  09/14/09)

Let me jump right into this one....a fascinating tale, "Once A Witch" draws you in from the start and refuses to let go even after you finish the final page! (mini-SPOILER:  The ending leaves MEGA room for a sequel!) 

Author Carolyn MacCullough creates a world within our own, rich with life, love, and magic. In this case, the family consists of witches...but put away those images of cackling "hags" with crooked noses or green faces with pointy hats. These witch's look like you and me and their powers, known as Talent, are unique to each of them. Upon their eighth birthday, their Talent is bestowed upon them, allowing them time to practice and mature both in age and ability before they reach their full strength. This has happend for each generation going back as far as can be remembered....up until Tamsin.

Tamsin Greene is cast as the outsider. She has been the one exception to this tradition, despite her grandmother's predictions of her being one of the most powerful in their family (yeah, no expectations set high there!). Living normally and Talentless is not what their family strives to do, but that pushes Tamsin in that direction all the more. One day, while working at the family store (Greenes' Lost and Found, New and Used Books....I love the name it's obvious, yet not), a stranger comes in by the name of Alistair Callum, a professor at NYU. He claims to be seeking an old family heirloom lost ages ago during a card match, and ends up taking her for her Talented sister Rowena. Seeing her chance to gain bonus points in her families eyes, Tamsin fails to correct the error and promises her assistance.

A task for one with a Talent, let alone one without, Tamsin runs into trouble in locating this familiar yet seemingly common object (she swears she's seen it before). With the help of her childhood friend Gabriel (who just came back to town and did I mention, he is the resident "hot" guy for this book?  No?  Consider it mentioned!), she just might have a chance at solving this challenge. The funny thing is that when he tries to read where the object is, as his Talent allows him to find things, he is unsuccessful at first, almost as if it doesn't really exist or that the object is not what the profressor is truly seeking. Are things really what they seem?  What about the "other side" of this professor that seems to peek out from behind his eyes every now and then when in conversation about this missing piece?  What does he really want from her and why?
Through twists of time, friendships blossoming, and the ever present fear of the unknown, this tale will enchant both your heart and mind, providing for a fantastic read for both the young and the young at heart! Live the life of this underestimated witch through her voice as it speaks to you with emotion from each page. It's a ride you won't want to miss! 
As of this review, the release date is set for 09/14/09 (doubt it will change as it is so close).  If you are a fan of any of the other popular authors and titles in YA fiction today, SEEK THIS ONE OUT!  I found myself wanting to read one more page...then one more page...then just another before finally having to break away for whatever other obligations called.  There is also a great site set up for the book with quizzes, exerts, and more so be sure to check it out!  (It's really nice...starts with an old book and the words appear in script...I'll just let you see for yourself....)  Last, but not least, I also discovered that the author is on Twitter!  (Who isn't, right?)  Seems that she can be found at @CMacCullough.
Once you've visited the site, take the "Which Witch are You" quiz and post your results here!  Do the Talents that character has match up with the ones you would desire?
Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time....happy reading!


Petty Witter said...

A very good read by all accounts. My neice even read it, a miracle in itself as she hasn't picked up a book since leaving school some 3 years ago. I must give it a go.

Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

I really want to read this one. I scored:

That I most resemble, "Althea Greene, Tamsin's grandmother whose Talent is to be able to read people's minds."

GMR said...

Petty Witter: Wow! That's great that she was drawn back to reading...hopefully you will enjoy this book as well!

Juju: It really was good. Looks like our results on the quiz will similar...I was also a mixture of a few other characters. I think I'd most like to have the Talent to manipulate bout you?

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