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Friday, November 11, 2011

Hooper Finds a Family by Jane Paley

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Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers ...the place to come when you're bookishly hungry and want to leave satisfied, or at least I hope that's how you leave. ^_^

Today is Veterans first happy wishes and a great BIG THANK YOU to all of our military both past, present and no longer with us. Your dedication to the cause and your country is and always will be appreciated.  Speaking of sacrifice and dedication, today's featured title is a fictional account of a real life story that was seen the world over in one way or another. Our fuzzy lead is nothing short of heroic in his efforts to simply make it through the night and what comes next will really hit home. Let's get to the title than shall we?  Today's book of choice is....

Jane Paley

Jimmy was an unassuming little pup, at least in all the ways a little lab should be.  Food and water were plentiful.  Love was never in short supply. Treats...ah yes....treats were wonderfully delicious.  Every day Momma would make him something delightful for breakfast, George would pat him on the head on his way out to work and the rest would take care of itself.  Then one day, a storm came like no other.  Momma and George had to hightail it out of there leaving Jimmy with a promise to return shortly...but shortly never came leaving this little fuzzy scared and alone as he struggled to survive. It wasn't simply a matter of being patient for his humans to come back home.  The rising waters and dangerous winds wreaked havoc on one and all, just imagine being tiny and small in an outside world you only knew from your front yard! Scary... O-O

Thank goodness our little Jimmy was resourceful....yes, to put your mind at ease, he makes it. With the help of a little otter, he learns to work with the waters not against them. With the help of Mother Nature, he manages to be fed...and narrowly escape death a few dozen times.  Eventually, with the help of man....he is rescued not once but THREE times.  On his continuing journey he will make friends, learn from the hardened soul of another dog, find his voice....and maybe even a soul mate along the way.  He will go from Jimmy to TJ to Hooper but no matter what his name, he will remind the sweet spirited pup dealt a hard hand by life that came out on top.

In summary, a touching read and much more emotional than one might first perceive but a story that was meant to be shared.  As a bonus, pics of the pup that inspires this story are included at book's end...and boy is he a cutie! It really ties everything together nicely and serves to bring to light those animals that are in our shelters and rescue programs today that still need a great home. There is no love like the love of a pup and I speak from experience. They bring joy to our hearts and lives in so many ways...and shelter pups are simply looking for that second chance. If you could give them that chance, wouldn't you?

Recommended reading for young readers and beyond....though I do caution parents, little ones may need some reassurance along the way. What Hooper goes through is harsh and seeing anyone in such a bad situation can be hard let alone a small puppy....but it is REAL. Just be there to remind them things turn out okay and how they can help other pets reach their own happy endings. ^_^  This book is on sale now at a bookstore near you.

Review copy courtesy of HarperCollins.  (Thanks!) For more information on this book as well as their complete catalog, visit them online at or follow along on one of their many Twitter feeds. To find out more on dogs just like Hooper, check out the Labs4rescue group or any of the multiple animal rescue organizations in your area.

Until next time....happy reading!


LoriStrongin said...

Man, I doubt I'd make it through this book if I'm already tearing up at just the review! I remember when this story hit the news and ugh, all I wanted to do was give that puppy a big hug.

Sounds like a hard read, but a good one.


Alexia561 said...

Thank you for the reassurance that he survives, as I was worried when I saw what this book was about!

I remember that storm and the people who went in to try and rescue animals after the fact. I've never understood why shelters won't allow you to bring your pets with you, as they're part of the family!

Sounds like a great story!

Tribute Books said...

Thanks for starting off my Monday with such a cute doggie face :)

Aurana Books said...

This is just what I was looking for. I did not expect that I’d get so much out of reading your write up! You’ve just earned yourself a returning visitor.

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