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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Yara Silva Trilogy: Indelible by Lani Woodland

Hi there readers!
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Good I hope.  The week better be treating you right or you have my FULL permission to give it a good stern glare…okay?  Now that that’s settled, how’s about we delve into a good read.  Today’s featured title is the second installment in the Yara Silva Trilogy…and boy does it pack a punch!  Ready to read all about it?  If not, feel free to first check out my review of book one…if so, here goes!  Today’s book of choice is….

The Yara Silva Trilogy, book 2:

First off, I gotta say it….the titles though wonderful and unique, certainly don’t roll off the tongue with ease, but it is part of their charm and really, once you hear/see them, they’re not easy to forget.  Moving forward….let’s start with a definition of the title conveniently provided for us in the front of the book.

INDELIBLE:  Making marks that cannot be erased, or removed.  That which cannot be eliminated, forgotten, or changed.

Yep…that certainly fits this book as well as the many storylines floating around in it.  Yara has more mysteries to deal with this time around of both the ghostly AND the earthly varieties.  Number one ghost contender…Sophie Pendrell; this is one family that just won’t quit!  Seriously, you’d think they created a school JUST so that they could cause trouble for kids of all ages in life and in death.  Sophie has some unfinished business to attend to thanks to her husband as well as her own sense of duty to a promise made long ago, but will she let Yara help her?  Eh, no…or more like h-e-double-hockey-stick-o no.  It seems she blames her for the mess that exists currently in conjunction with that promise and while it’s true, it is SOMEWHAT her fault…should that really matter?  I mean, she was tricked into discovering the location of the hidden object that would lead to the potential unraveling of all the good magic that binds the school grounds, locking in the evil brought by man that once tried to escape.  Gheesh!  Oh…wait…I’ve said too much.  O-O  Ahem…moving on….

The story is chock full of information about the addictive nature of gambling, the dangers in messing with Mother Nature, and what darkness can be provoked when the wrong person is given a LITTLE too much power.  We get reacquainted with the evil that is Thomas from book one, catching a glimpse of just how he became the way he was, what he hoped to accomplish, and the “gift” he left behind for Yara’s boyfriend, Brent.  Notice I said gift with quotation marks there….suffice it to say, it’s not a puppy.  School politics come into play a time or two as they discover further connections to both themselves and the past but don’t be surprised if you get caught in the web they are spinning.  They seem to have a knack for saying and doing the right thing at the right time even if it’s really the wrong thing at the right time….you know what I mean.  The powers that be are controlling and vindictive…case closed. 

Things are not all doom and gloom though.  The Silva family gains the spotlight a time or two, especially Yara’s Grandmother Vovo.  Oh how we’ve wanted and needed to meet her more fully!  She’s a wealth of knowledge, love, and power…and don’t let her sweet little old lady demeanor fool you either; she can be MAJORLY tough when the time calls for it.  It’s pretty impressive.  Outside of blood relatives, we catch up with Cherie (her best girl friend) and Brent (Yara’s formerly possessed…well, sorta…boyfriend) as they make their way through the school year and try to help Yara out as well.  Cherie is still curious about the paranormal, but is definitely a little more cautious after last year’s “fun” fest.  Brent…well, at times I wanted to strangle him for his reactions and actions (or lack thereof), while others, let’s just say that like the water and fire Yara and he are, together they make one steamy couple.  ^_^

Did I mention secrets abound?  No seriously.  American Wakers…the Council…the list goes on and on.  Why didn’t her grandmother TELL her about ANY of it?  Or did she even know?  Something to ponder (though it is answered in the book…well, at least the last question)…but I can pretty much guarantee we’ll be learning more about any and all of this in book three.  I would have never guessed the outcome for Sophie; as far as I was concerned this is one ghost that was written off.  What’s that old saying?  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Yeah, well how about try to kill me one or more times and still expect some help from me?  O-O  I can hear the crickets chirping now as you wait for that response that will never come.  ~shakes head~  I definitely can’t wait to see how Yara’s growing powers come into play…and even Brent’s…and whatever happened to….oh no, you’re not gonna make me slip up this time!  (hehe) 

In summary, book one introduced us to Yara’s world as she uncovered talents she didn’t know she had, and really didn’t want.  Book two gets us more intimately acquainted with the ways of the Waker and all it entails as Yara embraces her power more fully…even if reluctantly….and accepts her family heritage.  It’s a powerful role she has to play in the lives of those who’ve moved on unsuccessfully but one she must fully accept if she has any hope of controlling it as opposed to it controlling her.  Believe me; you don’t want it to control her….scary results.  O-O  My one line verdict….I DEFINITELY have to see how it all ends!

Recommended reading for teen readers and beyond.  The story will keep you under its spell from start to finish as it weaves a tale of magic, romance, danger…and school (the end of year prank is totally worth that exposure though).  You’ll laugh.  You’ll smile.  You’ll cringe at the reactions some show in response to decisions made (*cough* Brent *cough).  You’ll widen your eyes in shock as the scene turns from serene to dangerous in no time flat.  You’ll change your mind about certain characters a hundred times over.  In short, you’ll enjoy yourself and really, isn’t THAT what’s important?  This book was released a few weeks back so feel free to seek it out as well as its predecessor (Intrinsical…which I happened to review right here on the site if you would like a sneak peek) in a bookstore near you! 

ARC for review from the fabulous folks over at Pendrell Publishing.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as their complete catalog of works, be sure to stop by their site, like them on Facebook or check out their Twitter feed.  To discover more about the Yara Silva trilogy (yes, I said TRILOGY…as in there is one more installment still to come!  Guess what’s on my wish list?  ^_^), check out the book’s official web page…and if your curiosity is still not quenched (which I totally don’t blame you for), pay a visit to the author’s site or follow along on Twitter (you won’t be sorry….she’s a joy to tweet with)!

Until next time…happy reading!


Tribute Books said...

Ooo, I've never heard of this series, thanks for introducing me to it. And I LOVE the puppy pic!

Dorothy Dreyer said...

Wow this sounds amazing. Definitely going on my list. And that cover is gorgeous! Thanks for the review.

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