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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Celebrating International Literacy Day with Grammarly

Hi there readers!
Welcome back to POST TWO of the day here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.
Why two posts?  Well that is a very good question indeed, and I absolutely blame it all on the folks over at Grammarly.  That's right!  They are the ones that clued me in on a celebration going on round the world today and it's something I couldn't let pass you or I by. 


...yep, it's a real celebration!  Lucky for you, they've got a nifty infographic that lays out the facts in an eye catching way, mesmerizing way.  No matter how you look at it though, some of the statistics are rather shocking...and not in a good way.  Read on my friends, read on...

Literacy Day

Shocking?  Yes.
Sad?  Indeed.
Anything that can be done about it?  You bet! 
You can start by spreading the word about what you've learned today and celebrating by sharing the joys of reading.  Volunteer at your local library or school in their reading assistance programs.  Turn story time into learning time by letting the listeners participate and read the book in a "round".  Share a bit of your time and read to the elder souls in your life that may have difficulty pursuing this favorite pastime.  There are so many ways to help this worthwhile cause and they don't cost you a dime. 

Special thanks to the folks at Grammarly for always keeping us up to date on the latest in wordy fun.

Until next time....HAPPY READING!

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