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Saturday, February 20, 2016

BLOG TOUR: What Lifts You by Kelly Montague - Coloring Explosion + GIVEAWAY!

Hi guys and gals!
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Today, we're joining a PRE-PUB BLOG TOUR already in progress for an uplifting new book for all ages.  You know that BIG coloring book resurgence going on now, right?  This one falls into THAT category but it comes to us from a slightly different source.  The mind behind the images is renowned street artist and the publisher is Harlequin Books.  Surprised?  Well then prepare to stay in that state for a might longer friends because what's inside is just as astounding.  So, if you will please, join me as we roll out the crayon red carpet for today's book of choice...

Kelly Montague


Uplifting Designs to Color & Create: What Lifts You by Kelsey Montague

Exclusive image reveal, free DOWNLOAD to color & pre-order contest!

The recent boom in coloring books for adults has left many people wondering, what’s next? Kelsey Montague, a well-known interactive street artist and illustrator, is launching WHAT LIFTS YOU (Harlequin Games; February 23, 2016; $14.99 U.S.), a debut coloring book. Within this book, each of the pages contains traditional opportunities for individuals to color Kelsey’s unique and original designs. But she engages users by asking them to take this one step further: bring the artwork off the page and into the world! By providing inspiring quotes and examples, Kelsey wants you to share and discover #whatliftsyou.

Exclusive image reveal! 
Check out this sneak peek of one of the beautiful and unique illustrations found within the coloring book:

D:\Users\LisaWray\Desktop\Lisa\Harlequin Games\Coloring Books\Blog tour\Quote images\35-WLY-Quotes-05-WINGED-851-x-315.jpg

Get coloring today!

Step 1: Click HERE to download Kelsey’s famous #whatliftsyou wings (make sure you allow for pop-ups!)

Step 2: Print the wings in black & white

Step 3: Show your creativity & get coloring!

Step 4: Get interactive! Cut out your wings and take a photo of #whatliftsyou (see example of Kelsey’s adorable puppy below!)

Step 5: Post your photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest using the hashtag #whatliftsyou, sharing your favorite thing/person/pet that makes your days shine


D:\Users\LisaWray\Desktop\Lisa\Harlequin Games\Coloring Books\Cover image\What Lifts You_cover.jpg

Step into the world of Kelsey Montague…

Famed for blending street art and social media, Kelsey Montague creates wild and whimsical large-scale murals that beg passersby to step into them, become part of the art and share it with the world using #whatliftsyou.

Now Kelsey's exquisite works are at your fingertips—to entice and engage you with their beauty and positivity. Printed on luxe paper, these are intricate and inspiring images you'll want to linger over and lavish color upon. You'll want to cut them out, frame them, create one-of-a-kind decor from them. Each is designed to remind you to consider what inspires you and to always keep the answers close to your heart.



Pre-order your copy of WHAT LIFTS YOU by Kelsey Montague before February 23rd and you will be entered to win 1 of 50 exclusive 12-month calendars that feature never-before-seen images that will keep you coloring all year long:

D:\Users\LisaWray\Desktop\Lisa\Harlequin Games\Coloring Books\Blog tour\Pre-order images\128-WLY-Banner-TWITTER-Ad-1200-x-627.jpg



Looks like fun, right?  I'm telling you, it definitely was!  I haven't had a chance to explore EVERY page as of yet but those that I have fully added my own creative touch to I planned to share and share I will!  No judging folks, this is all in good fun.  *ahem*

First up...

Last but not least...

(This is one set of the wings featured in her work.  Cutting them out would have produced an even better pic but Hamilton was hard enough to keep still for this candid shot.  I hadn't even seen the author's inclusion of her puppy pic when I decided to take this one.  LOL!)


Image result for thanks

Special thanks to Lisa at Harlequin Books for the review copy (and markers!) to share with all of you.  (THANKS!)  This title is available THIS TUESDAY via Harlequin Books, so be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf or virtual retailer of your choosing, several of which are linked to above so you can always save yourself the extra reminder and just PRE-ORDER it.  Just sayin'.  ^-^

Until next time...color your world beautiful...and happy reading!

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