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Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon has Arrived!

It's over! +SIGH+ I came I saw I blogged. Overall verdict, GREAT! more later...

!!!UPDATE!!! was GREAT!  The whole theater managed to stay quiet throughout the movie (which by the way is a little ovr 2 hours), except for small bouts of laughter at the appropriate times (and there were quite a few).  As far as book versus movie....they stayed fairly close for the most part.  I mean some scenes were obviously more cut to the chase than the detail in the book, but overall for this worked.  The effects used to show the passing of time, and the hallucination version of Edward....not too shabby.  I do have to say that even after seeing the movie, not a fan of the soundtrack (SORRY!).  There weren't any moments that I was thinking more about the song playing than the footage, but there also weren't any "wow this is great" moments for it either. 

On to the actors and actresses....some things I noticed at least.  Kristen Stewart (Bella) grew into her part...FINALLY!  The first movie had her as a stumbling stuttering can't-complete-a-sentence girl who just didn't fit the literary version of the character.  This one she is obviously more confident but well within Bella's limits.  The color scheme chosen for this movie was more golden, and that worked on most of the characters...but it looked like they forget Edward (Robert Pattinson) when they made this setting.  He still appears quite "blue" compared to the rest of his least his over-acting (for a quick reminder, check the Twilight DVD for their first meeting in Biology do you remember?) has been reigned in.  He still had a few moments where you were wondering what he was thinking with the facial expression he had, or wished the slow motino walk would speed up just a bit, but the performance was a lot better overall.  Jacob (Taylor Lautner)....what can I say (sorry Team Jacob it comes...)....while his acting in the later half of the movie was better (to me at least), newly found muscles or not, he still comes off as younger than his part.  Definite KUDOS though for when we saw the last of the long hair....not a good look when you already have a really young face (well for a guy anyway...).

When all is said and done....I definitely recommend the movie for fans of both the books and the movies.  Certainly worth your time.

Until next time....happy reading (and watching!).


Michelle said...

thank you for this. i wasn't planning on seeing it in the theater and was just gonna wait for the dvd but you pique my interest :)

GMR said...

Michelle: YAY! I'm glad I could help get another fan to the theater to see it...or at least consider seeing it. =0) Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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