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Monday, November 2, 2009

WINNER: Post-Birthday Blowout!

It's that time!  What time you ask?  Well, for those of you that's time to announce the winner of the Post-Birthday Blowout contest!  (Whoo-HOO!)  this was the first contest hosted exclusively on this site courtesy of a wonderfully generious YA author...Ms. Nancy Holder!  (Thank you!)  To select a winner, I consulted the many tools available at  To ensure all fairness, I took a little extra precaution to scramble it all up.  Wanna know how?  (Just nod yes because you know I'm about to tell you anyway....) 

After gathering the list of hopefuls and tallying their extra entries, I submitted a list to the random list generator feature on the site.  After getting the newly scrambled order, I submitted a query for a randomly generated number between 1 and 97 (yup, 97!  Good job on the extra entries, everyone!).  PRESTO CHANGO, I had my tottaly randomly selected winner!  So without further ado...the winner is...

Amy @ Inkfever

Congratulations, Amy and thanks to everyone that entered!  More great contests to come as well as book reviews and random thoughts!
Until next time....happy reading!


Inkblot said...

Thanks so much, G. You have no idea how excited I am :D

Okay, well, maybe you have a /little/ idea O:) hehe.

Thanks again :)

Yunaleska said...

Yay Inky! This is so your reward for finishing uni :)

....Petty Witter said...

Many thanks for displaying the Book Blogger Holiday Swap button - what a great idea.

Well done Amy.

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