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Thursday, November 19, 2009

T-Minus 19 Hours and Counting...

Hello again everyone!  I just couldn't wait to get a post of this nature up and ready with the fun to be had later tonight and into the wee hours of tomorrow morning.  That's right!  This post is dedicated to the Twilight Saga, New Moon hype we've all been hearing about and participating in for the past several months.  The efforts are now reaching a stopping point because late tonight....TADA!  New Moon visual satisfaction.

As you may know if you are a frequent reader of my blog, I am definitely Team Edward girl.....but we're talking more book wise than movie wise.  Don't get me wrong, I like the movies, but I simply LOVE the books.  Earlier in my web surfing adventures, I came across a rather interesting post in support of Team Jacob.  While the postee made several good points for her team choice, I felt compelled to do a counter post if you will to shine a brighter light on the Team Edward benefits and attributes. (Hey friendly "competition" has always been welcomed....let's just lay the cards on the table, shall we?) I'll try to address the previous post point for point (TJ = Team Jacob statement, TE = Team Edward view point), but I may add a few in for good we go!


TJ:  Jacob is alive and warm versus cold and "dead" Edward.
TE:  Okay, first of all, he is technically un-dead....and as Casper once said of the living bit, "Big fleshy deal."  While you may save on heat in the winter, who really wants a personal space heater ALL the time?  Besides, the shedding ALONE would add to your days work and take away from the time you have with your chosen literary catch.  Anywho, the cold factor just makes you have to be more creative in the staying warm department... (okay, calm down all you Team Edward fans....breath a bit and catch your breath....ready to continue?)


TJ:  He can have children,while Edward's miraculous offspring will claw it's way out.
TE:  See, not all the facts are really present.  How do we know what a wolf baby would do?  They could be just as volatile as the vamp baby...which of course makes this TJ point, moot.  =0)


TJ:  Jacob is hot literally (the wolf bit) and actor wise with or without the wig.
TE:  As far as the literal hot factor...we've come full circle back to the space heater bit.  In regards to the actor, I'm gonna refrain from commenting since I'm more book fan than movie.


TJ:  Wolfish nature means he will be naked quite often.
TE:  Okay, how to approach this without getting into a raunchy seems our TJ fan is a little obsessed with this factor as a few of her points center on this general theme.  May I remind you that leaving something to the imagination is very beneficial whether you are a female or male.  (Come on, seriously, who's with me on this?)  That said, may I also point out the serious increase in "indoor activities" mentioned in Breaking Dawn (Book 4)....yeah, I'll leave this counter answer at that point...(for those of you that don't know what I am talking really need to read the book.)

TJ:  He's not old enough to be your great grand dad nor have met yours.
TE:  Now that's hitting a bit below the belt....and forgeting some keys factors once again!  He's older mind-wise which the last time I checked is a good thing with guys since they seem to mature more slowly in this area than gals.  Body wise, Edward is your average (okay, not-so-average) teenager which puts him in his "prime" so to speak.  Plus, don't day Jacob will be older, balding, and perhaps have a ponch from too many puppy treats....Edward will always look this good.


TJ:  He doesn't want to drink my blood.
TE:  I can concede on this point a little as yeah, the thought of someone wanting to drain my blood doesn't really appeal to me (had enough of that as a child with medical tests, thank you very much)....but remember, the Cullen clan is made of "vege vamps" and if you remember in the books, they tend to hunt what's in season, thus acting as a natural predator to keep populations in check.  I don't want "Bambi" on the menu either, but you also don't want their numbers to get out of hand and have to dodge many "Bambi's" on your daily drive.


TJ:  He never left, Edward did.
TE:  Touche....but not exactly! (HA!  Thought you had me huh? )  It is true, Edward leaves her, but it's not like he's cheating on her or something.  He leaves to save her life and it's hurting him just as much as it's hurting her (remember his attempt on his life?).  Technically Jacob leaves Bella too....when he is trying to figure out the whole wolf thing before Bella knows his secret.


TJ:  He can sleep and eat.
TE:  Well aren't we grasping at straws now?  Personally I like both as well, but Edward's lack of doing both, doesn't stop him from being with Bella when she is participating in these daily activities.  Plus, food wise, there is never the un-ending conversation of "What do you want?".  "I don't care, what do you want?"  (Yeah, those can be unending mini-battles....especially if both of you are trying to please the other.)


In close, they mention a lot of folks "hate" Team Jacob.  Well, I can only speak for myself (but you can weigh in via the comments), but I don't hate them....he served as a really good friend.  It's not either of their faults that she was meant to be with Edward.  (Again, reference back to Book 4, but Jacob is meant to be with someone as well, and it's not Bella either!)

Now we can't let me have all the fun....time for YOU to weigh in!  Which team are you and why?
(The Team Jacob post is linked near the beginning of this post in case you want to check out the points shared first hand.)

* Just in case it wasn't abundantly clear, this post is purely in the fun spirit of all that is Twilight.  We all know that they are only fictional characters in a great series, but why should that stop us from using our imaginations and creativity to "duke it out" for who should get top billing.  =0)


....Petty Witter said...

Love the books, have yet to see the film(s). Sorry but I'm firmly on Team Jacob - (Team) Edward I find too controlling. Plus being a cold soul myself, the thought of curling up with someone extremely cold ..... well, it makes me want to shiver, look I'm covered in goose-bumps just thinking of it. A great post by the way.

Juju at Tales of said...

I'm TJ so I'm not touching this but I will say: YAH! I can't wait for this movie.

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

Oh Edward....sigh.

Yes, I am excited too!

Melanie said...

Personally, I think Edward and Bella go really well together, but if I were to magically meet them, I think I'd go for Jacob. I'm not very much for the brooding type, makes me nervous.

Are you going to watch the movie tonight? I'm going on Saturday with my cousin and her friends for her birthday. It should be interesting. The Twilight series is kind of a guilty pleasure for me. Sometimes, I just want to laugh at it, while other times I'm completely drawn in by the romance.

GMR said...

3-2-1 and we have lift-off! I so love when a post gets people talking...or, um commmenting! Even if many of you are (GASP!) Team Jacob fans. =0)

Petty Witter: Haven't seen the films? If you decide to, may I recommend....DO NOT COMPARE THEM TO THE BOOKS. Just take them as they are because otherwise (in my humble opinion) you won't be able to stop yourself from picking it apart. Just saying...

Juju: GASP! Another TJ fan...oh well, to each their own. =0)

Michelle: YAY! A fellow TE has arrived! Yes, definite sigh....

Melanie: LOL. I understand about the broody might work well for me since I have no problem asking "what's up with you". =0) Second question's answer, YES! Midnight movie here I come! Sounds like you have planned for a fun time on Saturday...and happy b-day to your cousin! The movie definitely has you laughing at parts...some of which it shouldn't honestly (like when they first meet in Bio class...he's suppose to want to eat/drain her from her smell, but the movie makes it look like he's gonna throw up)...but the romance draws you right back in. =0)

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