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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Roving Reader

So....I was shelving books and saw this little beauty. ...

Marissa Burt

....not only is the cover made of awesome....the story sounds like it is too! Definitely an addition to my wish list... ^_^

So what did you find when out and about?
Do tell!


Jeanna said...

Storybound looks fantastic! I can't wait to read it! Thanks so much for bringing my attention to it. I haven't really found out about anything more recently since I have been stuck in my room all week due to awful weather. Happy reading!

Come check out all the bookish things that I am up to at The Bucket List

Felicity Grace Terry said...

I agree, this is one awesome cover, the sort of book I'd want two of, one to read, the other as a collectable.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Love it! Reminds me of Tyger Tyger.

I love the idea of doors in trees or living in a tree.

When I'm a millionaire, I'm SO going to make that happen ;)

Melanie said...

Can I have a treehouse like this, pretty please?

I love this cover, so whimsical and fairytale like.

Gina said...

Gina:, I'll send you some of OUR weather, well at least the other day's warm weather. Yesterday and today, a bit wet. *-*

Petty Witter: Good idea!

Juju: Now that you mention it, it does sorta kinda. If you make that happen, I'm totally inviting myself over... ^_^

Melanie: Agreed and AGREED!

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