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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Your True Colors ARE Beautiful...

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Today, we’re taking a look at a children’s storybook featuring a zany little girl with crazy fun hair and a personality to match.  Just try and not love this story….I dare you.  Its target audience is listed as 3-7 year olds, but really….there’s no cap on how old you can be to enjoy a good book.  Am I right?  Of course I am….but not because I said so; simply because a truth is a truth no matter who speaks it.  Right, so here we go.  Today’s book of choice is…

France Halle
Illustrated by
Fil et Julie

Annie Bizzanni.  Annie Bizzanni.  Annie Bizzanni.
No, my whole review will not be simply repeating her name, but really…say it out LOUD!  It’s too much fun and really fits the girl as pictured on the cover.  With her wildly curly locks (totally reminds me of Mom’s hair…^_^), her bright curious face, and her penchant for trying anything and everything that catches her interest (sounds like my reading tastes!), she’s a bundle of unexpected coming your way.  The one thing we don’t share (fortunately!) is her tendency to not finish what she starts.  Everything from home renovations to gardening, Halloween costumes to reading (GASP!), she’s a poster child for what I like to call “ooh-shiny syndrome"….you know, because they are often identified by the person saying “Oooh…” and then running off to investigate the “new” arrival.

It’s not a bad thing, the curiosity that is….it keeps us young and forever learning; just the way I want to be.  The downfall is the not finishing aspect of her life; she misses out on so many great experiences because of it.  The silver lining?  Ah, well that falls right into the hands of the moral of the story.  You see, Annie was blessed with a curious nature (in both senses of the phrase) but also with friends who love her just the way she is.  Yes, it’s the old “BE YOURSELF” come out to play in a new way, but a message that could use repeating more often with EVERY generation. 

Yep...even my car screams it ^_^

It’s hard to stand your ground and not lose yourself to the multitude of opinions or trends all around you whether you’re 5 or 55….but your true self is special, it’s what makes you YOU and being accepted for that by your loved ones whether they be blood relations or tried and true friends is an important part of life and can make the difference between just being and truly living.  So I say embrace the you that is YOU.  Shout it out to the world! (What the hey, leave it in the comments below!) If you’re bookish, let it show!  If you’re an artist, let your colors shine.  If you’re quirky, preppy, inquisitive, spunky or any other term you’d like to insert here, accept it as your own and present the best version of you every day in every way.  In doing so, those that you meet along life’s journey that see the real you….you can truly call friend.

In summary, Annie Bizzanni, one FUN and ORIGINAL girl with a CURIOUS name teaching the world how to truly live, one reader at a time.  She’s have you smiling as she starts her next project, sighing when it is left to be finished yet again, and laughing at the hilarious results that abound (especially the costumes…be sure to note the illustrations on that one…).  Best of all, she’ll have you remembering that the finest things in life…love, friendship, and LIVING….are given freely and with acceptance of others as a whole, quirks and all…for without them, life would be a lot less flavorful.

Review copy courtesy of Owlkids.  (THANK YOU!)  For more information on this title as well as their full catalog, be sure to visit them online, check out their blog, like them on Facebook or follow along on Twitter.  This book is available now at a bookstore near you.

Until next time….BE YOURSELF….and happy reading!


Jessica L Buike (AuthorJess and Operation Relax) said...

Hi! I'm also participating in Monica Leonelle's SocialPunk blog tour and thought I'd stop by and become a follower! :) I hope you'll consider coming by my blog - not only am I doing Monica's giveaway, but I'm also hosting a big giveaway myself right now:

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh, this sounds like a fun read to read with the little ones. :) And saying her name is fun. :) Thank you!

The1stdaughter said...

Seriously, I think you could have said the title four or five more times and I would have just kept saying it right along with you. ;o) I love the title, the cover, the synopsis, your review...everything about this one! Annie Bizzanni definitely looks like one my kiddos could learn a thing or two from, and perhaps even myself. Fabulous review! I can't wait to pick up a copy!

GMR said...

Jessica; Nice to make your acquaintance! See you on the Socialpunk tour!

Melissa: Yes, they would definitely get a kick out of the artwork....

the1stdaughter: I know, right? Thanks for the kind words....I definitely think you and the kiddos would have a blast with this one. ^_^

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