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Friday, November 1, 2013

Eternal by Debra Glass

Why hello there!
Salutations and greetings to one and all on this fine November 1st as Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers helps to usher in a new month of Fall reading.

We're wrapping up a great Halloween night (50 trick or treaters in 2 hours...and we only stopped because we ran out of candy!) and kicking off the month with a few titles from my recently read if you feel a little deja vu regarding the subject matter, no worries; you're not alone and you've been advised.  Trust me, it's TOTALLY worth it.

The first book up is a not-so-typical tale filled with dangers and haunts but also life and the kind of emotion that leaves your skin tingling, your lips parched and your mind fogged.  Now with THAT kind of description, would you have guessed it's a GHOST story?  Didn't think so...and neither would I; however, I have been proven wrong before and more often than not, I'm glad to admit it.  Case in point dead ahead!  Oh sorry...probably should have avoided the "d" word.  Call off the ghostbusters and roll out the welcome mat, it's time to meet today's book of choice...

Debra Glass

Here we have Wren and Ella, sisters in a family of four, which have just picked up and moved to Columbia, Tennessee.  Heard of it before have you?  Doubtful...even they weren't sure where it was but they both knew the why behind their relocation.  Come closer, I'll let you in on a little secret...closer....closer still....WREN KILLED HER BEST FRIEND.  *-*

Shocked?  So was I, until I read the circumstances and how it all came to pass, but I completely understand where she's coming from nonetheless from the start.  See if you can puzzle it out before all is revealed...I challenge you.  (^_^)  Anywho, the move is due to this sad event or rather the fall out from it, and her family's efforts to afford her a new start, away from the media circus, hushed whispers and sideways glances.  Good intentions?  Certainly.  Results sought, achieved?  Not exactly.  With the age of the internet, you'd think THAT was the problem...not here though.  The telling mark left behind of a tragedy survived, and a younger sister that doesn't know when to keep her little mouth silenced, go a long way in sharing her secrets...and of course, it doesn't hurt that they now live in a small town filled with paranormal activity and a resident psychic/psycho/ghost-hunter-wannabe with darker intentions than at first discerned.

Yep.  They jumped from the pan into the oil and the only way out is the path of understanding, acceptance, and embracing the new found gift she's been granted.  Oh, wait.  I didn't TELL you that part yet now did I?  Wren was actually declared dead for a few minutes during the events that ended her friend's ties to this life...when she came back, she brought an ability to see and communicate with GHOSTS.  Sound like fun?  Yes...and no.  Their new home has so much history; even those without extrasensory perception could feel the energies coursing through its walls.  Let us also not forget that it's not always Casper you're gonna run across when dealing with those that have passed away and living in a house that is reportedly haunted is just asking for trouble.  Well, let me tell you...if trouble is spelled J-E-R-E-M-I-A-H R-A-N-S-O-M, I'll gladly take a second helping if you please.  *sigh*
Who is this person and why am I so willing to invite his spirit to stay?  Well, he's just that...a spirit, a GHOST; the son of one of the original home owners brought back after a wartime injury for rest and repair that unfortunately...died.  In Wren's room.  In fact, in the very bed she sleeps in every night...minus the old mattress and such.  Creeped out yet?  Don't be...people can't help where they pass on or how or where they might haunt...or whom they might be able to contact AFTER they are no longer corporeal.  ~oooOOOOooohhh~

Jeremiah's appearance is a surprise to both parties as he's never been bale to make a connection before, though linger he has done for many MANY many years.  It's sad really, his story overall, but the sweetness comes in the knowing as does the heartache.  Yes, my friends, be forewarned...there is much of both to come for Ms. Wren and Mr. Ransom, after all, what would a relationship be (of any sort) without the highs and lows of it all.  One thing leads to another and by book's end, you'll not know how to say goodbye.  You truly come to know them from all they share.  You worry for their safety, cheer them on as they go against the odds, and hope with one eye tightly closed that they survive what's coming.  What?  I warned you it wasn't all moonlit walks and energy connection...though those are certainly lovely.  (^_^)

If you couldn't tell, I had much more fun with this story than I had anticipated; MUCH more indeed!  In truth, I never really go into a story not thinking, hey, I'm going to enjoy this...after all, something had to draw me to it in the first place in order for me to pick it up or accept the offer.  It just never fails to surprise and amaze me when my enjoyment level of a read is SO much higher.  I mean, I was literally glued to the page in order to see just where things would go next.  I was fully invested in the lives...and the afterlives...of our main characters.  I could feel the acrid stare of Briar and her little cronies (sorry, I know it's not just her, but the lines between things are hard to un-blur)).  I was touched by Waylon's understanding and interest despite the competition...or lack thereof seeing as how someone claimed someone...~whistles~.  Even the relationship presented was mesmerizing in its own right, though I'm not interested in a similar setup...but the feelings that go with it, yes please!

Author Debra Glass
In conclusion, a quick read due to length but a memorable one for the content that might have slipped under your radar.  Word to the wise?  Don't. Let. That. Happen.  Recommended read for Young Adult fans and beyond for all the reasons mentions and then some.  If you're looking for a ghost story that is so much more than simply a haunted tale with an ending that will surprise, delight, and still twist your heart in knots, this is definitely one for your to read list.  Oh and FYI...there is room for a sequel, though the how and the why, I'll let you figure out on your own.  *makes rooms on wish list*

Review copy received courtesy of author Debra Glass.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as her other works, be sure to visit her official site, like her on Facebook or follow along on Twitter.

Until next time...happy reading!

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