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Friday, November 22, 2013

Seed Savers: Treasure by S. Smith

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Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers....grab a seat and prepare for a bookish flight of fancy.

Today, we’re staying in the Middle Grade arena as promised and delving into the first book of a series that we first featured yesterday on the remember, the excerpt?  (*crosses fingers*)  If not, feel free to click back for a refresher.  Anywho, the cool part about it, besides the story itself, is the eco push behind the message because though it may seem fantastical to a degree, to me…it was an all too realistic future.  Ready to join the fun and READ ALL ABOUT IT?  Grab your gardening gloves and prepare to get your hands dirty, it’s time to meet today’s book of choice…

Seed Savers, Book 1:
S. Smith

About the book…
They say you should remember the past…but sometimes you need to remember the future.
Clare, Dante, and Lily live in a future where growing vegetables is against the law.
Some, however, encourage the children to change the future, and instruct them in the olds ways.
Can the children learn enough before being stopped by GRIM, the government agency controlling the nation’s food?
And can children really change the future?


Scary right?
Now I don’t mean jump-out-of-dark-places-wielding-a-machete kinda scary; I mean hits-close-to-home-because-it’s-so-real scary.  The two are very different scenarios and yet equally goose bump inducing. 

The three kiddos brought into this secret organization (the Seed Savers) of sorts are very brave and courageous…but as the story progresses they grow to be even more so.  It’s not enough to defy the powers that be, you have to affect a change.  Through their efforts, their sacrifices, their hard work and determination even at their young age, they are ushering in change.  Even though this is only book 1 and there is much more to come, the simple acts and choices made here are bringing hope to those who’ve been waiting for a turn around for a very long time. 

Can children change the future…you ask?
The young, the old, the somewhere-in-between, we all have an impact on the world that surrounds us, but it’s up to us what that lasting impression is.

Whether you’re a big supporter of ecological causes or usually a passenger on the ride of life, this is a book with a message you can get behind.  Let it empower you.  Let it remind you of your own innate power.  Let it encourage you to make meal time family time with a home cooked meal utilizing all the fresh goodness available to you, when the opportunity presents itself…or better still, MAKE an opportunity; life is only so long you know, gotta make it count.  Pass your cooking know how on to the next generation and if you’re lacking in that department, learn it together.  After all, a world where the food groups are simply labeled as Sweeties, Carbos, and Vitees…  ~shudders~  They may be convenient options when needing things that will last a considerable length of time, but imagine never tasting the sweetness of a peach, the crisp tartness of a green apple, a choice cut of steak or the summertime pleasure of a juicy slice of watermelon.
The horror for our health and our hearts indeed…

So, the conclusion to my rambling train of thought, a book aimed at Middle Grade readers that’s good for one and all.  It does feature some scripture as Ana utilizes the “good book” to help train the kiddos up in the facts of life (nature’s abundance and what not) and as a diversion for any GRIM folks lurking about.  Gotta love the acronym for this agency though (and the trouble the kids give them)…definitely describes the outlook on life should this future come to pass.


Author S. Smith

Review copy received courtesy of author S. Smith.  (THANKS!)  For more on this title as well as the series as it grows, be sure to stop by the official site.  To connect with author S. Smith, stop by her site, like her Facebook and follow along on Twitter.  Books 1, 2 AND 3 are available now, so be on the lookout for them on a bookstore shelf near you.  Oh, and don't forget about the blog tour running now through the beginning of December!  Lots of fun to be had….

Until next time…happy reading!

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Thanks again, Gina. I love the way you write!

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