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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Zippity-Zoo by Julia Dweck!

Hi guys!
Welcome back to the site that loves nothing better than to wake up, stretch REALLY big, and settle down with another bookish adventure (and if you admit it to yourself, you'd like it too!)....Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

So, today we are taking a step into the online world for a review of author Julia Dweck's upcoming release.  What's that?  The name sounds familiar?  Why, I should hope so! If you don't know her from your own reading adventures, then you've had to have seen her here on the site because her collection of works keeps growing by leaps and bounds.  No worries though...the quality suffers not from the frequency of the releases; in fact, it's been getting better and better.  Ready to take a gander at this next title?  Let's!  Today's ebook of choice is...

Illustrated by
Xist Publishing

We start off making the acquaintance of Ryan, the young lad invited to spend the whole zippity day at the zoo.  How fun!  Remember your trips to the zoo?  All the animals you'd see, the farmish ones you'd feed, and the memories you'd collect.  I myself have a story or two I could share about some unexpected animal interactions but that's a story for another time.  Back to Ryan...

Mr. McGranimals takes our young friend for a tour of the Zippity-Zoo, he won't soon forget.  For you see, my dear friends, this isn't any old tour, where the guide starts to talk and visitors doth snore.  This zoo has a magical secret, for one hour's time you become whatever animal you choose!  Talk about experiencing it all first hand...or is that first hoof?  Ryan's animal choice makes him big and tall, yet life in this state is not all leafy meals easily reached and drinks down by the waterhole.  He discovers that our furry friends have trials and tribulations too, and that lending a helping hand (or hoof!) in any state is well worth the time it takes.  A saved giraffe and a celebration later, it's time to go home, in mostly the same state he arrived in (check out the pictures!), but the lessons learned, will stick with him long after the Zippity-Zoo shuts down for the night.

Aside from the fun story with a rhyming scheme that pushes the envelope at times while still reigning it back into shape, we have the illustrations.  As mentioned, they are adorbs!  Each one gives you something bright and cheery to visually explore while learning about our reticulated friends of the savannas.  Oh and speaking of learning, the "amazing but true" facts section at book's end makes this an educational read too!  Can you imagine giving birth to a 6 ft tall baby?  Giraffes do!  How about living on only 30 minutes of sleep a, I'm tired just reading that!  More facts are waiting to be discovered along with an activity page or two....all great additions to an already fun read.

Author Julia Dweck
In conclusion, another win for Mrs. Dweck AND readers too!  You can always count on a well illustrated and unique story when downloading one of her titles. not to mention the learning boost from the great add ins.  It's a fun read for all ages indeed....all you need is a love of animals and a healthy imagination.  This title is set to release November 26th, 2013 an several online platforms via Xist Publishing.  For presale information, check it out over on Amazon.

ARC ebook for review courtesy of author Julia Dweck and Xist Publishing.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as her growing catalog, be sure to stop by her official site.

Until next time...happy reading!


Tracy Terry said...

Sounds like a fun read and the rhyming aspect really appeals to me.

Gina R said...

Tracy: Definitely fun...really enjoy her work. ^_^

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