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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Storybook Saturday: Fish Head by Jean Fritz

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Sorry for the late post as life has been a bit hectic here lately (what's new...I know) but I took a shine to my idea of having a Storybook Saturday feature and couldn't let this one pass us by.  Today's selection technically falls into the Early Readers category but it IS part storybook so I'm making the call.  The day's spotlight shines on an oldie but a goodie with spunkiness to spare entitled...
Jean Fritz
Illustrated by
Marc Simont
Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, Inc
I say it's an oldie because it's original print date is 1954, HOWEVER it's a goodie because the story is just that....GOOD!  It tells the tale of a dock wise street cat that is the uncrowned king of his neighborhood.  He knows where to go to stay out of the weather when things get rough.  He knows how to score the BEST scraps of fish when his belly grumbles.  Yes, the Waterfront Market was kind to him, even if it didn't actually intend to be....hey, no one likes a thief! 
Anyway, one day good old Fish Head was chasing a rapscallion little vermin out of his territory when goodness me, things took an unexpected turn!  He lands on a boat and before he knows it, out to sea it sails putting him in less than familiar territory.  Before he gains his sea legs, a few two legged boat dwellers have a little fun at his expense...which he repays in kind (or rather not-so-kind but hey, they deserved it!).  A few ports later and Fish Head is now the four legged scourge of the seven seas but in his heart, he still longs for home.  One day the familiar sights and scents of where it all began roll back around but our dear little Fish Head is about to discover the ultimate lesson.  Home is not where we rest our heads, but where we feel most welcome and loved.
This review title came from my own personal library by way of a used bookstore find at my local library.  I was quite taken by the spunky little cat on the cover and though obviously not intended for my age group, I have an active imagination and couldn't wait to dive into Fish Head's story.  Was it worth the read?  Absolutely!  I do believe that little ones will get into the adventure of it all while enjoying the simplistic yet fitting artwork that adorns each page.  The limited use of color just drives the story home even more and sets the stage for the high seas adventure awaiting our feline friend.  Recommended read for all ages looking for an adventure with heart.
Until next time...happy reading!

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Unknown said...

Not for my age either but even I am dying to know what the. two legged ones did to him and what he did back I being fun loving will enjoy this as much as a child tee hee.

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