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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Teaser Thursday

That's right.
I'm going rogue and throwing a teaser post at you on a Thursday.
I know, I know.
Just call me the Reading Rebel.

Seriously though, back to today's tease. It comes it us from a YA ebook I'll be reviewing tomorrow but simply had to share this wonderfully worded passage with some sage wisdom. From HAPPILY EVER AFTER HIGH, I present page 243...

"Everyone feels like they don't belong sometimes. But I think you'll find that fitting in with people is not what's important. It's about finding the people who fit in with you," Grandma said.

Smart women, that Grandma.
So what are you reading this week?
Do tell!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Loving your teaser.

Just finished my current read I'm as yet undecided as what to read next.

Unknown said...

Like you I rarely stop reading now its James patterson BURN exciting and ae some love his reads my go to as is. J Robb and you our fine insatiable one

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