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Monday, March 14, 2011

In My Shopping Bag (71)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.
Through her guidelines, your post does not actually have to be named the same and thus my post shall be..."In My Shopping Bag".  (just fits with the "foodie" theme a bit better in my humble opinion)
Let's take a peek inside my shopping bag this week....


Planting the Wild Garden by Kathyn O. Galbraith
(courtesy of Peachtree Publishers)
This little beauty will be one of a few featured posts in conjuction with the wonderful folks at Peachtree Publishers during their upcoming two week long Earth Day celebration.  Can't wait!
Well what on earth could be in this HUGE box....with such a cute little sticker on the side....
*opens box*
Oh'' very own Candlewick Bear! his very fitting crown...

...and his marvelous party hat!  He is SO adorable and definitely a great reading buddy.  What?  He is!  For the little ones, he can be read to.  For all ages (*raises hand*), he's a great "pillow" friend to share a book with.  A great big THANK YOU to Danielle an There's A Book for hosting the contest through which I was lucky enough to be randomly selected as a winner....and special thanks (and congratulations) to Candlewick Press for sharing these incredible bears with readers everywhere.
(1) uber fabulous Melissa Marr package via Bookperk
Package of reader goodness consists of...
(1) Velvet Voyage Essie nail polish (...which I am curently wearing..hehe)
(1) paperback copy of Wicked Lovely
(1) hardback copy of Darkest Mercy
...oh, and did I mention the "something special" about the hardback?'s a SIGNED first edition.
If you haven't checked out Bookperk yet, you REALLY need to.  It's brought to you by HarperCollins, so you know it's a name you can trust.  Each and every week day you get an email alert of their latest special.  It can be anything from a great deal on a book, signed books, book packages with bookish goodies...the skys the limit.  There's a set number of deals available so it's first come first to score.  Check it out!


That's it for this week.
 So what do you think?
What did YOU get?
Do tell!

Until next time....happy reading!


Misha said...

Wow! There are some amazing things in your shopping bag :)
The bear is so adorable! I need to buy Darkest Mercy soon!

Happy Reading!

Christina / Book Addict said...

That's so cool that you got a signed first edition! I love Bookperk as well. I went to a Melissa Marr book signing last year. She's a very cool person. Enjoy all of your books!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

A great mixed bag, I'm especialy loving the bears. As you say they are ideal reading companions in that they won't be interupting you.

Another week has passed with me resisting the temptation to buy any books though I have seen a few today that I'm going to order and I was lucky enough to win a book - The Demise Of The Soccer Moms by Cathryn Grant - that I'm looking forward to reading.

Happy reading.

Gina said...

Misha: Agree on the bear...and on Darkest Mercy. Can't wait to dig into it! ^_^

Christina: Really? That had to be fun!

Petty Witter: Good point! ^_^ Good job on resisting temptation. I'm trying....somewhat. Hehe.

Tales of Whimsy said...

All so sweet and cute :)

Quelle Books said...

I love placing these bears in happy homes. So glad that this one found yours! Happy snuggling.

Gina said...

Juju: Agreed!

Raquel: Thanks! He's watching over the TBR pile right now... ^_^

The1stdaughter said...

Yay! So happy to see your bear make it home. :o) He looks so comfy there!

And oh! Melissa Marr! I just picked up the free copy of the first book on my Nook and I can't wait to read it, after all of your praise I'm sure it will be fantastic. And don't you love Book Perk? Just ordered hubby's birthday gift from there! The Mental Floss package, I think he'll love it! :o)

danya said...

Aw, cute win! And a signed first edition? Nice!

April said...

OHHH!!! Tons of awesomeness!!!! I just want to reach out and give the bear a big squeeze!! How fun! Enjoy all of your goodies and if you don't like anything, please feel free to pass them along to me - I will take the pain and give them a home, lol!!! ;)

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