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Friday, March 14, 2014

Write without limits: Fearless Writing for Women by Susan Gabriel

Hi guys and gals!
Welcome back to the site that aims to draw the reader out of each and every person that passes my way….Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

Today, we’re not only speaking to readers but the writers in the audience, and all of those with aspirations (no matter how fleeting) to join this profession.  Whether you dream of doing it full time, part time or something in between, I’ve got an ebook for you today that will help you on your journey.  It comes to us from author Susan Gabriel (you know, the writer behind the work The Secret Sense of Wildflower featured here on the site several dozen reviews back or so?  Good stuff!), someone who has been in most of your positions before and aims to provide inspiration and encouragement to guide you on your way.  Ready to take the plunge?  Here comes today’s ebook of choice….

Extreme Encouragement and Writing Inspiration
Wild Lily Arts

Whether taken in dribs and drabs or read in an all out sprint (*raises hand*), this little gem will provide many moments of uplifting direction for all your creative aspirations.  All forms of the written word are covered from the novelist to the poet, and all with great respect and care for the person behind the creation, while still being realistic.  A hard line to walk?  Not for this author, but then again, she’s been there, done that, and obviously not wishing to create a fantasy, not an instant replay of those moments she might wish had been different. 

With a gentle hand and an open heart, author ­­­­­Susan Gabriel brings to light the hardships AND successes of those that have walked the publishing road before you.  From instant award winners to those that tread the same path for decades before seeing any light shined on their work, she realizes that there is something to be learned from each of them, and encouragement to be reaped in their ability to stay the path of their true calling.  I myself have been asked before whether I ever intend on writing something….my response at this point is I do, a blog (some poetry on the side)…but whether or not that ever turns into something viewed as more substantial to others, remains to be seen.  (Dream job:  Editor….or even Editorial Assistant!  Anywho looking?  *peers eagerly*)  That being said, even I took heart in some of the thoughts and journeys shared as well as the abundance of quotes that will not only motivate but bring a smile to your heart.

Author Susan Gabriel

So, is it for every reader?  No, perhaps not.  Is it for every writer?  I’d like to think so, but then again, they’d have to be open to new directions and not everyone is.  Perhaps it is better said that there is something for everyone that partakes in the pleasure of words whether spoken, sung, or written.  Your take away will vary based on your own direction…but perhaps with the right push you may find a new path not previously seen or discover the passion within you for greatness beyond your wildest dreams.  What have you got to lose?

Ebook for review courtesy of author Susan Gabriel.  (THANKS!)  For more on this title as well as her complete body of works, be sure to stop by her official website, friend her on Facebook, pin her on Pinterest, add her to your circle on Google+, or follow along on Twitter.  This ebook is available now, so be on the lookout for it on a virtual shelf near you.

Until next time…happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Sounds like a great asset for all those writers out there.

SusanGabriel said...

Hi Gina,
I think you’re wonderful. Thanks for reviewing my book. A beautiful review. Truly. And I’m so glad you got some encouragement and inspiration from it! If that’s the case, then I’ve done what I set out to do. I’d be happy to answer any questions from your readers if anybody has them. And will stop back by a little later on.

Thanks again!

Anne A said...

Excellent review! I am enjoying the book, too, and find that it speaks to me as a creative person, even though I am not a writer, per se. The book is a nice blend of inspiration, humor and reality that most creative types would enjoy.

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