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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Be Nicholson's Agent? Why Certainly!

Why hello there! sure do look I know you?


Perhaps you frequently stop by the site (and make me smile by doing so)?  If so, you rock!  If not, pleased to make your acquaintance...and the "you rock" moniker will be applied to you as well in no time flat, I'm certain.  Anywho...

Today is a day full of celebrations!  We have not one, but TWO events kicking off that you definitely want to be a part of.  Since I've already spilled the beans on the one (just check the post prior to this one), let me take a stab at number two.

*grabs megaphone*

Announcing an event like no other coming to you straight from the bowels of the's the...

...Be Nicholson's Agent Event!

*cue fanfare*
 No wait, that's too cheery.
*cue creepy organ music*
Much better.

That's right!
It's a unique idea from the creative mind behind some truly horror-ific works, some of which have been featured right here on Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.  Don't remember them straight away?  No worries, they'll be popping up over the next 30 days.

The main gist of the event is this....I have the chance to earn 15% of the sales from my chosen title for the month of September.  How cool is that?!  What's that?  Oh, you want to know my title choice.  Right....that WOULD be a great thing to share...glad I thought of it!  (LOL.)  Since you can't really go wrong with any of his titles and I've read a few that were in the mix, I choice a short story compilation that has potential written all over it.  Okay, so it doesn't actually SAY that anywhere, but the creepy cover combined with the time of year coming up...sounds like a winner to me.  My chosen title is....

Ghost Stories

Sound good?
Thought it might.
To read more about it NOW, check it out on Amazon and B&N....just click the link you like best.

Now a month long focus needs a little bit of pizazz or it can get old FAST.  To start things off with a BANG, I asked our illustrious author to offer his thoughts on an age old question....with interesting results.
Please Scott Nicholson!


Indie vs. Traditional: Who Cares?
By Scott Nicholson

After spending much of the last two years studying all the changes in publishing and books, I pretty much grew bored with the whole “indie vs. traditional” discussions.

People who are locked into an opinion aren’t going to change their minds based on anything I contribute, and people who are open to changing their minds are better off watching and acting rather than debating it. In other words, my conclusions are fully represented in my actions.

What I was mostly seeing could be described like this:

Publishers: “Ebooks are a fad, so let’s kill them with high prices, plus people will always want gatekeepers to protect them from bad books.”
Agents: “Writers still need people to guide them and take care of them and expand their opportunities.”
Traditional Writers: “Only hacks self-publish. And we are special, because we were accepted. And you weren’t. But we are not gloating. Much.”
Indie Writers: “Publishers are stupid. Plus they rejected us. And we are making more money than traditional writers. But we are not gloating. Much.”
Readers: “I don’t care. I just want a good book at a low price.”

Guess who is winning, and will always win?

In other words, I self-published the heck out of my books last year. Even though I had a couple of traditional print books out, I saw my biggest writing goal fulfilled as an indie: I became a fulltime fiction writer. All thanks solely to readers, not to publishers, agents, other writers, or even necessarily my own talents and work.

And I could have said, “This is working! I’ve made it,” but I did the natural thing and established new goals, because I don’t expect the future to be like the past or present. Indie is great right now but it might not always be great. Conditions, royalty structures, devices, and markets may change, and consumer habits may change. So I signed a publishing deal with Amazon and I agreed to three other deals with publishers while still maintaining my indie foundation.

This September, I am giving away 15 percent of my ebook revenues to my readers, the people who have made my dream come true. It’s the same percentage an agent would have gotten, if the agent had made the sales. Now readers make the sales. They deserve the money just as much, I would say.

In the future, the only thing I believe will hold is that readers will continue to gain power and be the entire reason I tell stories.

See, I’ve made up my mind, but I’m still changing my mind!

Please join Be Nicholson’s Agent in September to win gift cards—follow through my blog or newsletter or Twitter.



Thanks Scott for that sound byte.
So...readers....let's see what we can do with this promotion, shall we?

Start by checking out this title at your chosen outlet....and we'll see where the discussion leads us next time around.

Until then....happy reading!



author Scott Nicholson said...

Thanks for posting, Gina! I'm kicking it off with $200 in gift card giveaways for people who "Like" my books at Amazon and/or BN.

Please drop by my blog for details!


....Petty Witter said...

Not a fan of the horror story, I say I have too vivid an imagination so scare easily whilst the truth is I'm just a coward who scares easily. Anyway, good luck with this, I wish you well.

Alexia561 said...

I'm with Petty on this, as I have too good an imagination to read horror...yes, I wind up checking windows and the basement after reading horror stories, then I can't get to sleep! Great idea though, so good luck to you and Scott!

A Man without a Band said...

Well, I AM a horror reader (and writer), so I will check out your blog and information.

I like this post. I'll be honest. Seven years ago I got a pretty good agent, even understanding the finicky nature of the publishing beast, I still felt like it was kind of a cop-out to self-publish. But I kept an eye on the market, and when my agent informed me about a year ago that she wasn't promoting horror anymore, I gave it a second look.

Now I'm self-published. But still looking at tradi as well. And like many self-published writers probably, wondering if I went the right route. But I like what you said about the "readers." I can only hope that my book will fall into what they consider a good read.

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