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Thursday, September 22, 2011

WAT!: The Secret Ingredient by Misty Evans

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Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.
Today...well, today is one big busy crazy mess and so the review I had PLANNED on posting, so much in the ready department as of yet.  HOWEVER, I did read something fairly juicy just yesterday that I think you just might be interested in too, so allow me to fall back on a MEME of my own creation that doesn't get to see the fair light of a bloggy day all that often and present to you this title because really....


The WAT! MEME stands for 'What A Tease!'.  It exists to showcase those samplers and book excerpts that you've read and wish to highlight to some degree on your site...yet you have not had the chance to read the entire book for a review....thus, the "tease" aspect.  Have you run into this problem as well?  Feel free to "borrow" this MEME and post away!
Now on to today's feature...
The Secret Ingredient
(A Culinary Romantic Mystery w/Bonus Recipes)
Misty Evans
From Amazon....
Celebrity chef Katelyn Karr returns to her hometown of Secret, Montana in order to stop an investigative reporter from revealing the truth about her alcoholic father, dead mother and the reason she was run out of town by the socialite Juno family when she was only seventeen.

During a live cooking show at the Juno ranch, her father dies in front of millions of viewers, and suspicion falls on the celebrity diva when the autopsy reveals he was poisoned. Nick Juno, the boy Kate left behind, and who is now mayor, is the only person who can prove her innocence.

Did Kate kill her father on national TV? Nick must untangle the lies and past secrets to figure out if Kate has been framed or slipped her father a secret ingredient that finally put an end to their family dispute.


Okay, first off...the town's name is Secret.  No, not like the books by Pseudonymous Bosch....but actually Secret!  Clue #1 that there is a mystery afoot.  I mean really, how can a town NAMED Secret not HAVE secrets, you know?  Anywho....obvious clue #2...the synopsis alludes to Katelyn being run out of town, and the extended sample I read online (3 chapters....a goodly amount to get your interest piqued) adds to the back story that it was at the tender age of 17.  A bit early to be spreading your wings permanently, so you can't help but wonder what sparked her flight. 

Then we have Nick Juno, the former boy now man (and mayor no less!) who obviously had something to do with said secret (the actual secret, not the town...although he did and still does live there....stay with me ^_^) and in my opinion still holds a flame of interest in fair Katelyn despite the intents of others.  Who?  Well, let's just say that his son's (cute little boy too...there's this incident at school that leads to a father son talk about lying that will totally make you smile) nanny wouldn't bat an eyelash at any request from her employer...though she does bat her lashes AT him quite often.

Final thoughts...what a tease!
Though not my usual forte genre wise, after reading the 3 chapter preview, I'm hooked!  Fingers crossed that my first impressions pan out, and if they do, I just might have to check out another title or two from the author's bibliography.  As I shan't be reviewing this title for a few more months, I thought I'd give you guys a taste of it today and if you're taste buds are ready for a bit more, definitely check out the preview I linked to above for a 3 chapter jaunt into the story.  Good stuff if I do say so myself.  ^_^
For more information on the author, check out her Facebook page, or follow along on Twitter.
So...questions?  Comments?  Thoughts?
Is there something YOU'VE been teased with as of late?
Feel free to share any and all...
*grabs wish list and pen*
Until next time....happy reading!





Dorothy Dreyer said...

Great review. Hehe, a town named Secret has to have at least one secret, right?

By the way, my whole summer has been one big busy crazy mess. Sorry I haven't popped in more often. I should have more time now that it's fall. :)

Fairday Morrow said...

This sounds like an interesting mystery- a storyline I haven't heard before!


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