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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Way Life Should Be by Christina Baker Kline

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I've been fortunate recently as I've been on a streak of REALLY great reads....but that's not the only part that makes me feel lucky.  Wanna know what is?  The fact that I now get to share those experiences with all of you and hopefully connect at least some of you with your next favorite read.  With that in mind, allow me to introduce today's title that comes to us from a New York Times bestselling author via William Morrow Paperbacks.  It stars a woman whose career goes up in flames (there is irony in that statement...*chuckle*) while her love life seems to be turning up the heat....unfortunately, she may not be the very best judge of character and things start to unravel all over again most rapidly, humorously, and in the end, for the better.  Ready or not, here comes today's book of choice...


About the book....
Angela can feel the clock ticking. She is single in New York City, stuck in a job she doesn’t want and a life that seems to have, somehow, just happened.  She inherited a flair for Italian cooking from her grandmother, but she never seems to have the time for it—these days, her oven holds only sweaters. Tacked to her office bulletin board is a photo from a magazine of a tidy cottage on the coast of Maine—a charming reminder of a life that could be hers, if she could only muster the courage to go after it.

On a hope and a chance, Angela decides to pack it all up and move to Maine, finding the nudge she needs in the dating profile of a handsome sailor who loves dogs and Italian food. But her new home isn’t quite matching up with the fantasy. Far from everything familiar, Angela begins to rebuild her life from the ground up. Working at a local coffeehouse, she begins to discover the pleasures and secrets of her new small-town community and, in the process, realizes there’s really no such thing as the way life should be.


The way life should be indeed...both in the living AND the reading!
This was an enjoyable read from the turn of the first page to the finality of the last.  (*looks longingly at book...promises to return to it again*)  It progressed  steadily as one would expect the aging of a life to.  It had highs and lows, family and friends, lust and longing.  Our leading lady's life is turned upside down all because of a simple oversight.  Does she let that keep her down? Well, yes...I mean, come on!  It was pretty major....but she doesn't stay THAT far down for long (thank goodness!).  Though the realization that she is truly human and mistakes happen takes a few weeks, she gains life experience, some rather tasty memories, a motley crew of friends she can truly count on, a second chance to reach her dreams, and probably most importantly...a place to call home.  We should all be so lucky...though I could probably do with a little more put together cabin.  (Let's just say "needs a little TLC" is a bit of an understatement."

Though I've not read this author's previous works, if this is a true sampling of her writing talent, I shall have to add them to my list.  Throughout the story, even if the going was slow for Angela, it was never so for the reader.  You were always engaged whether it be yucking it up at some of Flynn's Australian-isms, being reminded that looks can be deceiving (that works for several characters), or realizing that while dreams are wonderful, it's what we do with our lives, the moments we're in, that really matter.  Every passage offers something to pull at your heartstrings, make you believer in lust at first read, or smile at the craziness that is the lives we lead.  In short, it's a fabulous journey and one I invite you to take with an open heart and mind....and room for belly laughs, because there are definitely some to be had.

Recommended read for fans of Women's Fiction and those that simply love some good soul searching (and humor) in their Fiction selections.  I can definitely see this one finding a home under someone's Christmas tree this holiday season...


About the author....

Christina Baker Kline is the author of five novels. She lives out-side of New York City and on the coast of Maine.

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Special thanks to Alaina at William Morrow Paperbacks for the chance to bring this title to you as well as the review copy.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this book as well as their complete catalog, be sure to stop by their official site, or connect with them on Twitter.  This title is available now, so be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf or virtual retailer of your choosing.

Until next time...happy reading!


Nayuleska said...

Squee! Yet another for my wish list! I love how we love the same kind of reads ^o^

Gina R said...

As do I do I. ^-^

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