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Friday, April 22, 2016

BLOG TOUR: When Lucifer Met Calamity by D. Alyce Domain

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Welcome back to the site that aims to please the reader in you in some way or another throughout my blogging journey, Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

Today, we're playing host to a stop on the Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours promotion starring a Contemporary Romance title that will have you in stitches...and at times, YOU wanting to put SOMEONE ELSE in stitches, but that will be explained in a moment.  It's a title that just celebrated its book birthday (April 18, 2016) so it's fresh from the presses and ready for your reading consumption.  Sound like a plan?  Well, there IS a weekend upon us and you know you'll be looking for something to satisfy your bookish cravings.  Allow me to guide you to that next read.  Guys?  Take a page from Lucifer's book (not as DARK as that sounds).  Ladies?  Prepare to meet a leading lady that is much more than her short stature leads you to believe.  Today's book of choice is...

When Lucifer Met Calamity
D. Alyce Domain

About the book...
Lucifer - At eighteen months out of law school, six months on the job, and four weeks before his BAR exam, Luce has arrived. He’d been playing by other people’s rules all his life and now, poised on the brink of success, he will not let anyone stand in his way…especially not the junior-partner jerk at the office giving him and his assistant a hard time. On his way to give the creep a piece of his mind, he bumps into the infamous ‘Calamity Jones’…

Calamity – is tired of enduring her boss’s unwanted sexual innuendos.  When his fingers start to roam, Calam decides she’s had enough. It’s time to fight fire with fire.  So she devises an ingenious, if risky plan, to get Perkins off her back, keep her Job, and strike a blow for his numerous other victims around the office…only, things don’t go exactly as planned.

All Hell Breaks ‘Luce’ – After finding the loopy ingĂ©nue jack-knifed atop the archival files, Lucifer knows something is up. Calamity knows the jig is up. So, she comes clean. Turns out, they both have the same problem…Perkins. But, sparks fly when they decide to team up to bring down the boss. The Hitch? He’s a straight arrow…She’s a loose cannon. Can they work together to achieve a common goal?  Or will they both lose in the end?



Image result for broken heart

All hell breaks 'Luce'....
...a favorite observant statement right from the start.

This is the story of one Calamity Jones...and though it sounds like I'm about to start talking about a Western, this is anything but.  She's one in a trio of siblings that will do anything for each other.  No, seriously...there's a part where Pike (her brother) is asked how far is too far and he replies that if she asked him to hide a body, he'd ask only where.  THAT'S how close they are and the same can be said for those she holds in her inner circle because they love, cherish, and respect this woman 100%.  The reasons for their utmost trust and care aren't apparent at first, after all she needs rescuing it seems more often than not, but by book's end you see her heart of hearts and come to the realization that beneath that kick-butt exterior, she's a softy with a heart of gold.  Just don't tell HER I said that... *ahem*  Anywho, back to the story...

What starts as inappropriate behavior in the workplace turns into her worst nightmare.  It seems the "guy" who can't understand the words coming out of her face does NOT know when to quit.  Funny part is had he quit, he may have stood a snowball's chance in you-know-where, but if things keep heating up, he'll have ended his career on a not so high note.  Oh and that's just for starters!  Calamity, her sister Charisma (no joke on the name and they are identical twins too!), and her work BFF Renee decide to dispense a little justice of their own until someone's sneaking skills are outmatched by none other than the devil himself. Okay, so perhaps he's not REALLY the red man from downstairs, even if his name is quite literally Lucifer, but he will heat things up for better AND worse, leaving the chinks in our girl Calamity's armor, WIDE OPEN.  Once her protective layers are peeled away and her heart is exposed, will she stand a chance against the big bad world...or Luce for that matter?  What of Mr. Pervins...I mean Perkins...and his delusional case against Calamity for assault (which was TOTALLY warranted!)?  Will this spell the end for the girl who simply won't take things lying down?  Only one way to find out....and trust me when I say you're in for an exciting ride.

Image result for man and woman silhouette romantic

I admit freely that when I read the title, I was thinking about a story TOTALLY different than what I was presented.  Does it work?  Quite well actually, as it pulls some of the humor from within to the exterior, allowing potential readers the chance to quirk an eyebrow in interest long before turning a page.  The multicultural aspect I mentioned earlier comes into play with most of our main characters not suffering from the "whitewash" effect many debate about.  They are real, they are colored, and they are here to deliver a story that will resonate with readers black, white, or however many shades of purple they might be.  Calamity is a HOOT as are the rest of her family.  The bonds they share are enviable despite the police record they've each built up.  Luce, despite the name, is a fairly upstanding fella.  He's old school gentleman but he's also pretty quick to pass judgment...something that comes back to bite him in the end.  Let's just say that lessons are learned all around and sometimes from unlikely sources.

In the end, it was an enjoyable read perfect for adult audiences.  While plenty of story to keep you on your toes, there's a lot of innuendo and a dash of spice just waiting to help you heat up your bookish night.  Luce and Calam may not be a match made in heaven but then again his name IS Lucifer...perhaps the warmer destinations are more his style.


About the author...

D. Alyce Domain. Is a long-time lover of creative fiction. She learned to read with Dr. Seuss, grew up reading Sweet Valley High, James Howe, and Lois Duncan, and graduated to category romance with Harlequin and Silhouette in her teen years. Ms. Domain started out writing fan-fiction after her favorite fictional characters met with death and cancellation on network television. Inspired by the entertaining, multi-layered storylines created by so many female romance, young adult and television writers, she began to experiment with her own characters. Coupled with her own unique brand of genre-bending romantic fiction, Ms. Domain was able to create a whole new world within the pages of her books.

Ms. Domain was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the youngest daughter of Charles and Eunice Domain. She has one older sister. She earned a BS in Biochemistry and a MS in Biomedical Sciences. She worked in Patient-Based Biological Research before switching careers and opening her own fashion boutique, The Aesthetic Domain. In addition to fashion apparel and accessories, she sells her own original jewelry creations and runs the Boutique & Blog website, which is based in Houston, Texas. Ms. Domain also has avid interests in inspirational music, art/entertainment, and history.



Special thanks to Cami at Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours for the chance to bring this promotion to you.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, THIS TOUR, the author, or those tours on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above.  

Until next time...happy reading!

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Unknown said...

OMG, this review is totally freaking hilarious! Thanks so much for getting to the comic spirit and making it fun for the Tour followers. Also, I'm glad you liked the book so much. D. Alyce

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