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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Monster Needs to Go to School by Paul Czajak

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Today, we're shining a PRE PUB spotlight on a Mighty Press Media Picture Book title that is set to release the latter part of May 2016.  It's the sixth book in a growing children's series that tackles big issues in pint size, colorful, and wonderfully fun packages.  How do I know?  Well, grant it, I've only had exposure to ONE title in particular, but from the looks of things and that experience alone, I can definitely see it becoming a fast fave for readers young and young at heart.  So grab your backpack and select your most amazing color coordinated school supplies, it's time to greet today's book of choice...

Illustrated by
Wendy Grieb
Mighty Media KIDS

This is the story of one BIG, blue, hairy monster named Monster and his adventure through the hallowed halls of education.  That's right!  It's his first day of school and though needing more than a little nudge from his best friend, the anticipation of being able to enjoy his book in both pictures AND words is enough to get him on the bus.  Oh goodness, riding the bus to school.  How many of you can relate to that potential horror story in the making?  (*raises hand*)  Actually my time wasn't that badly spent, but I was also one to sit in the front of the bus and share my seat if needed, so there is that.  Monster has similar trepidations that have him crawling into his own proverbial shell, until the kindness of an unexpected compliment is paid, and he starts to find his footing. 

The promise of his little human friend that he wouldn't be alone reassures him, as does the fun he has learning new things throughout the school day, but there comes a time where HE gets to be the teacher instead of the one being schooled.  When things on the playground get heated and bullying rears its ugly head, MONSTER is the FIRST one to speak up.  Never mind that he certainly stands out on his own and could easily be victim of the same crime.  He knows what's right and what's wrong and bullying in any form is most definitely WRONG. The children learn something new that day and Monster gains not only knowledge, and passions, but a bunch of new little friends.

Story wise, it does what it promises...tackles a big issue with tact, fun, and creativity.  The rhyme scheme employed simply adds to the merriment without overpowering the messages it is conveying.  Though I am certainly one for the words, I'm also a sucker for a wonderfully illustrated book; it brings out the child in me to no end.  The pictures here are bright, and colorful.  The scenes depicted use a fade out quality, where the background is there but less detailed, leaving the action front and center.  Monster's adorable in all his furry blueness, and his little friends are well represented; there are definitely no cookie cutter friends here.  Together the words and images create a memorable work that is perfect for the kiddos as well as those well on in years needing a gentle reminder of a lesson that should have been learned long ago.


About the author...

Paul Czajak got an F with the words “get a tutor” on his college writing paper and, after that, he never thought he’d become a writer. But after spending twenty years as a chemist, he knew his creativity could no longer be contained. Paul lives in New Jersey with his wife and two little monsters. In addition to the Monster & Me™ series, he's also the author of Seaver the Weaver, a contributor to The Huffington Post, and a reviewer for The New York Journal of Books.


- - - - - - - - - -

About the illustrator...

Wendy Grieb is a professional working in the Los Angeles animation industry and teaching animation. She is also an Annie Award–winning storyboard artist, who has worked as a developmental artist, illustrator, and character designer for companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Sony, Klasky-Csupo, White Wolf, and more. She lives in Yorba Linda, California.



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Special thanks to Carolyn at Mighty Media Press for the ARC for review. (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, the series, the author, illustrator, or publisher, feel free to click through the links provided above.  This title is set to hit bookstore shelves JUNE 28th, 2016 (at the time of this post), so mark your calendar or pre-order your copy today!

Until next time...happy reading!


Yanting Gueh said...

Looks like a story I'd love to read with my niece. Knowing what's right and what isn't, then standing up or against them, are important life lessons.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

I love these sort of books. We read something similar when Little Plum was about to start 'Big Boy School' but I have to say it wasn't as much fun as this one sounds. I love the thought of this big, blue bear.

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