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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Every Dog Has a Gift by Rachel McPherson

Hello, everyone!
Welcome back to another post here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!
When it comes to pets, there are really two types of people.  Those that are cat people, and those that are dog people.  Cat people love their furry friends for their independence and curiousity.  Dog people love their fuzzy pals for their personality and unconditional love.  There is no right or wrong type to be, all pet people are A+ in my book, but today's post will focus on our fun loving canine companions.  (Not to worry cat lover's, yesterday's post focused on your little friends, time to share the love with their counterparts.)

True Stories of Dogs Who Bring Hope & Healing Into Our Lives

If you've ever owned a dog, knew someone that owned a dog, or helped care for a dog, you know that they each have their own personality.  Whether the loveable goof, the lop-eared doll, or the power pup hero, we love them one and the same.  Their larger than life presence is coupled with a heart of gold and a unending desire to please.  You can see it in the way they greet you even after only being gone from their sight for a moment.  You can hear it in the way they speak to you, as they vocalize their utter joy.  Yes, they are man's best friend, but that status is not given lightly for as much as they are there when we are in high spirits, they are also there when times get you down.  This is where this book comes into play....

A collection of "tails" displaying that heart of gold, the pages of this book are filled with stories of hope, inspiration, healing, and smiles, all connected to our furry friends.  You'll see your best buddy in a whole new light after reading some of these moving tributes.  Read about the couple that planned on starting a family of their own that simply ran out of time, only to discover a few four-legged "kids" that needed a place to call home.  Meet Frankie, the little dog that just keeps rolling along despite the obstacles thrown in his path, becoming a sign of hope to all those his story touches (he even has his own website and blog!).  There are dogs that helped with the tragic aftermath of 9:11 and those that help children with autism develop the skills they will need to communicate with the world for a lifetime.  Regardless of which one you begin with, they will tug at your heart strings as you delve into the healing power of these incredible animals.
Beyond the touching stories, there is a message that is delivered loud and clear.  Dogs are not simply man's best friend because we make them so....they choose to fill that role.  With their kind eyes, loveable antics, and hidden abilities that each of us are left to discover, they serve as faithful friends and then some.  Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the book, is the "Closing Tails" at the end of each section.  The author uses this place to discuss the common thread amongst the stories that were just imparted as well as provide you with more information on the organizations discussed.  You'll learn about the author's own organization called The Good Dog Foundation and its goals to incorporate the healing power that dogs provide into a myriad of much needed situations.  You'll discover programs you may not have known existed such as one that aims to (and is thus far succeeding) help children overcome illiteracy by giving them time with a "reader dog"...or the multitude of organizations that strive to allow hospital bound patients a chance to visit with a cold wet nose of comfort.
It was surprising to me, even as a dog owner, to discover the number of groups and programs out there that are allowing (properly trained) dogs the chance to spread their healing nature.  That being said, the author does not discount the healing ways of the everyday family dog either.  Both trained and non they bring joy, laughter, and love into our lives and to those they touch.  Recommended reading for dog lovers round the world and for those seeking a way to give back to those in their community with the help of their best four-legged friend.

The scheduled release for this book was today so check out a book store (or online) near you to grab a copy of your own!  ARC for review received courtesy of Kevin at Tarcher/Penguin and the Shelf-Awareness newsletter.  (THANK YOU BOTH) For more information, visit their sites.

Until next time....happy reading!


Deborah said...

Aah this sounds really sweet! I'm a new follower and I love your blog! :0)

ColleenFL said...

The book looks really good. I am definitely a dog person. Just seeing pictures of dogs (especially Dalmatians) can improve my mood.

Juju at Tales of said...

Sounds sweet :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

My sister would LOVE this book! Check one Christmas gift off the list. :-)

GMR said...

Deborah: Welcome aboard! =0)

ColleenFL: I would have never thought that about you....jk! =0) I think you'd really like this one....

Juju: Definitely is.

Shannon O'Donnell: Glad I could help you get your shopping done early... LOL. ^_^

The1stdaughter said...

Animals are absolutely amazing! They each bring their own unique personality to the table. Loved the review, especially your own personal touches. I can definitely tell you are a "dog" person, not that you don't like cats, but you get what I'm saying.

Tribute Books said...

I am a dog lover and will check it out!

Emidy said...

Aw, this sounds so cute! And great for dog lovers. I feel bad for anyone who can't/doesn't want to own a dog - they bring so much happiness and comfort into our lives.

from Une Parole

Loupnw said...

Hi really nice blog, I`m a new follower

Anonymous said...

I recommend a book called "Healing Companions", by Jane Miller to anyone who enjoys reading about extraordinary animals and their ability to heal and save lives. This book is about service animals that have transformed the lives of people with invisible disabilities (depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders, etc). It is a great read for everyone! Definitely a tear jerker.

Teddy Rose said...

I just did a short review of this book myself and included a link to your review.

It was quite enjoyable.

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