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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Things that went SCRATCH in the night...or my morning of undead surprises!

Guys.....are you there!

Its me....the Insatiable Reader!
I'm SO glad to see you....something BEYOND STRANGE is going on.

You see, I was just settling in for a bit of late night reading after a long day at wok when all of a sudden my dogs started whimpering. Okay, so that doesn't sound scary, but wait there's more! See, my dogs may not be prepared to protect a junkyard anytime soon, but they aren't scaredy cats either so for ALL of them to start whining like that without something seriously wrong would be a miracle. Anywho, me being me, I chalked it up to them reading my mood as I was reading a scary story after all....dogs are very perceptive you know; yeah....wrong call on my part. I paused for a moment and then....I heard this scratching noise coming from the front porch.

It was windy out and we have a pretty big oak tree right in that general area so again, I wrote it off to Mother Nature. (Okay, okay....I get it...I should have checked it out but I was reading and it was the first chance I had had at a peaceful moment to do it ALL day! Can you blame me?) A few more moments went by and....there it was again...~scratch~scratch~scratch~…this time not JUST at my front door but also the back porch. Now my concentration was broken, and my peace of mind, so up I went to investigate. What I saw was a bit more than a crust of bread or an undigested bit of cheese...though the skin did somewhat resemble Swiss....

No, my friends; what awaited my eyes was a site I never imagined, something so horrifying and off putting that I almost screamed loud enough to wake the dead...not that that would have resulted in thd situation being any different because as it was, someone apparently already had. ZOMBIES...or precisely one zombie was the cause of all that scratching and no matter how I rubbed my sleepy eyes or pinched myself (yep, got the black and blues to prove it too!), it didn't disappear.

I thought, surely this was a Halloween prank...albeit an early one...and so proceeded to check the back porch. Slowly I crept towards the curtained window, desperately wanting the shadowy figure cast in the viewable space to be the friendly scarecrow from my front yard come to life for a spot of tea (absurd, yes....but FAR more welcome than what greeted me). Well, you know what they say about wishes and horses and the case for that argument was before me. Another scratch echoed through the house as the shadow drew its decaying arm down the glass....for this was no mere shadow but ANOTHER zombie; as if to confirm its presence, the one at the front door responded with a scratch of its own.

Trapped. That's how I felt; like a trapped animal before the slaughter. Nevermind you how many or few books I've read about zombies; I didn't have time to sort the facts from the fiction. All I knew was that I had to get out of there post haste....and so my fair readers, you can now call me the MOBILE Insatiable Reader for I've abandoned my home post and sought safer ground.

For now, things seem quiet....-glances out window-...though from the numbers my pups and I (what, I couldn't leave them behind!) saw when making our escape, I doubt my location will remain safe for long. I make this promise to each of you out there....I will stay connected as long as I can, either til my batteries run out or I become one of the brain eaters myself...and hopefully my reports will not only give you proof of others still holding on to their humanity, but also keep you abreast of how far the Z-virus as we've begun calling it has spread, sparing you the future that my present has become.

For more updates, stay tuned to my site; when I'm not on, check out the Zombie Apocalypse 2012 page ( I recently found where others are sharing their experiences with the undead rising in their neighborhoods. Yes, it seems I'm not the only one out there that's seeing a lot more than they expected in the wee hours of a Saturday morning...*gulp*

Stay tuned my friends...and stay safe!

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