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Friday, October 19, 2012

He he he, my pretty!: The Not So Wicked, Wicked Witch by Amy Purser Carter

Hi guys!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers...the place to be to get a good feel on your next Halloween read; at least for the next 12 odd days or so. ^_^

Quick contest closes TONIGHT and several others follow suit in a matter of days, so don't delay! Get your entries in now so you don't miss out on all the fun.  Now, on with the show...

Today on the blog, we're taking a look at a Halloween-esque title with a not so spooky twist making it a great read for the whole family. It came to my attention courtesy of the author and stuck in my mind long after our introduction because...well it's simply TOO CUTE!  I know, odd to say about a Halloween book but this one is unique. Without further ado, today's book of choice is...

Amy Purser Carter
Illustrated by
Sarah E. Markham

Just take a look at that cover and you know you've nothing to fear from this wicked witch; a fine moniker to be saddled with when one feels anything but.  This is a case of stereotyping if I ever did see; simply because one looks like a witch (though she uses a much brighter color palette...think Glenda vs the West) and acts like a witch (brews potions, flies on a broom...all with limited success) doesn't necessarily mean they ARE a witch...or at least not of the wicked variety.

Lucky for her, Halloween offers her a chance to be someone else too...and her "someone else" embraces pink as the new orange (Elle Woods anyone? ^_^), has a decidedly non-black cat and bakes cookies for the good girls and boys that stumble upon her cottage (and I do mean cookies, like chocolate chip and peanut butter...not hansel pie or gretal muffins).  Different? Quite...but that's the cute-ness of the story and the method used to deliver thr message of embracing your true self in lieu of what the world may tell you to be.  Fine thoughts indeed and something good for all ages to remember but the younger set won't be focused on that aspect at first glance....

This is a storybook after all and what would a storybook be without illustrations? A book...a plain old (still deliciously enjoyable) book.  The illustrations are whimsical and fun, perfectly highlighting the brighter side of this not so wicked witch.  I love the technique used.  Pencil drawings with clean lines and heavy colored pencil use with gorgeous blending and least that's what I see. ^_^  Definitely a fan of colored pencils because the effects you can achieve are endless. From the witch to the pumpkins, the lovely little cottage to the bubbling cauldron, there's something to see on every page that will delight and tantalize giving older readers something to be dazzled by while allowing younger readers the chance to get caught up in the story. A great balance overall but I do have a small critique...

A lot of story books are written in rhyme and this one is no different, HOWEVER in my mind, this would have done better if simply written as a story...minus the lyrical aspect.  While cute and enchanting, the rhyming at times falls off the written track adding a little wobble to an otherwise adorable story.  It's one of those cases where less would be more.  That being said though, it far from ruins the experience and I can totally see little girls getting all jazzed up about the pink witch and wondering how to trick or treat at her house this Halloween!

In conclusion, a quick and adorable Halloween treat to add to your not so scary celebration.  Break out the milk and cookies, grab a pink feather boa (I've got mine...courtesy of the author ^_^) and settle in for a great reminder of the fun that October 31st brings each year but also of the importance of being yourself; after all, there is only one you...making you special indeed with no enhancement required.

Signed review copy (and boa!) courtesy of author Amy Carter. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, be sure to visit the authors website at  .  This title was released back in 2009 courtesy of Out Skirts Press ( and should be available now on a bookstore shelf near you or you favorite online retailer.  Need a lead? Check out the Out Skirts Press Bookstore ( where you may even score some special savings if the Moon is right.^_^

Until next time....happy reading!


....Petty Witter said...

Sounds like an ideal alternative October read. I can picture you sitting reading this book with feather boa around your neck.

Alexia561 said...

Sounds like an adorable book! And I love the visual of you in the pink feathered boa! :D

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