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Sunday, October 7, 2012

UPDATE: Zombie Apocalypse 2012: Zombie-Kids!

Hi guys!
Okay…so I’ve managed to keep my current location hidden from the masses so far but I’m not counting on that lasting forever.  

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In light of the current events unfolding round the world (known as Zombie Apocalypse 2012), I’m going to risk it all and bring you today’s review on a title that …*gulp*… really fits the bill.  It features a kid-sized bite of undead goodness that will leave you seeing our current invaders in a whole new light.  Now readers, I warn you…take the messages learned here to heart but I’d wait to apply them to any real life situations until this wave of zombies is over…which will hopefully be soon… -glances out window- 

Without further ado, today’s daring book of choice is….

Illustrated by
Mark Draisey

Here comes another rhyming wonder from an author that loves to entertain the masses with her often educational, almost always charming, and seriously fun works of bookish wonder.  This time we have a tale PERFECT for this time of year (and today's invasion.... *gulp*) that just so happens to shed a little light on the green-ish youth of the walking dead.  Yes…it’s ZOMBIES!  A precarious topic to say the least with the apocalypse going on right now…  –peeks out window- …but one I think we are safe to pursue provided we keep the noise down.

Zombies zombies everywhere and not a one of them is munching on brains!  According to our young friend and narrator, zombies are our friends or at least friendly so long as you don’t come between them and their next meal...oh and they like mac and cheese!  (Hey, me too!  Now that doesn’t mean I’m inviting any over for dinner any time soon…)  With all things considered, they are much like us only with less blood pumping action going on in the hearts and a penchant for stumbling and bumbling A LOT more.  In fact, the not feeling cold and never getting tired bit (well, at least until the sun comes up, rather vampire-ish trait as it is) would work rather well for many folks I know, but the undead part….umm, I think I’ll pass.  Seriously though, zombie-tag while not necessarily fair on their part totally sounds like fun and I can really see my pups getting in on a game of fetch, an unintentional game from the looks of the pictures.  (LOL! … ooh….too loud!)

Aside from the fact that zombies are apparently a lot more fun than most of the brain eating hoards lead you to believe (though if that tapping on your window just now is one, I don't know that I'd take my chances...just sayin'), there is another message here that rings loud and clear; acceptance.  Acceptance and understanding, tolerance and an open mind; it speaks of allowing those that are different to BE different and accepting them for who they are without hesitation...provided they aren't gnawing on your leg.  It’s a lesson that needs to be taught early to have the most impact and hopefully carry through to their adult years because really…we could SERIOUSLY stand to have a great big injection of it in today’s world; you know what I mean?

In summary (and before this approaching mob of zombies reaches me…what’s that they’re saying?  Story time?  *-*), a great story for readers of all ages that will have you delighting in the illustrations (they really are good!) and reveling in the rhyme this Halloween and throughout the year.  The quirky twist of having the focus on zombies makes it not only good fun but an instant draw for many boys who might not otherwise be inclined to pick up a book over a video game…even at a young age (sad but true!) …while the rhyming employed will at times ties your tongue in knots (in a good way!).  It’s a sure bet for an enjoyable read in my mind and …or, shouldn't have mentioned “mind”; I think they heard me!  Eek!

Ebook for review courtesy of author Julia Dweck.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as her complete and ever growing catalog of storybook goodness, feel free to visit her online.  Side note…be sure to look for the “author/illustrator” page at the end of your read, for what you will find will delight you indeed.  (Sorry, this rhyming thing is CONTAGIOUS, I swear!)  This title is available now from your favorite online retail outlet via Kite Readers.  To find out more about the publisher, check out their official site, like them on Facebook or follow along on Twitter.

Until next time…provided there is a next time and I’ve managed to escape being turned myself….happy reading!

-dashes off-


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh this looks cute from the pictures here. :D I like the sounds of this one. And even though I don't read zombies, I think I could totally handle this one. ;D Thank you!

GMR said...

Melissa: Yep...definitely a zombie book for even the NON-zombie reader. Plus the illustrations are wonderful!

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