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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Murder with Ganache by Lucy Burdette

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Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable readers....the place to be when you're in the mood for something tasty, reading wise at least.

Today, we're joining a celebration already in progress as we welcome to the fold a foodie mystery sure to get both your taste buds (considering there are recipes included at book's end) AND your imagination going.  It's a cozy mystery set in one of the most idealistic places in these here United States....Key West, Florida.  That's right!  Palm trees, multi-toed cats, and homeless by the dozen, the city still manages to ooze charm,  So, are YOU ready to wish a great big BOOK BIRTHDAY to today's book of choice?  Let's go!  Road trip leading to our final destination begins in 3...2...1....

Key West Food Critic Mystery, Book 4)
Murder with Ganache

About the book....
Hayley Snow, the food critic for Key Zest magazine, has her plate heaped high with restaurant reviews, doughnut and sticky bun tastings, and an article on the Hemingway cats. But this week she’s also in charge of her best friend’s wedding. And then someone adds a side of murder…
For better or worse, Hayley has agreed to bake over 200 cupcakes for her friend Connie’s wedding while still meeting her writing deadlines. The last thing she needs is family drama. But her parents come barreling down on the island like a category 3 hurricane and on their first night in town her stepbrother, Roby, disappears into the spring break party scene in Key West.
When Hayley hears that two teenagers have stolen a jet ski, she sets aside her oven mitts and goes in search of Rory. She finds him, barely conscious, but his female companion isn’t so lucky. Now Hayley has to let the cupcakes cool and assemble the sprinkles of clues to clear her stepbrother’s name—before someone else gets iced.


Oh cozy does one stay afloat with an interest in you and your kind!  Yet still...something keeps drawing us back in.  Is it the need to read a book that can be finished in a short afternoon?  Perhaps.  Is it the preference to have some action, mostly off the page, and scenes of intensity that will just as soon make you cry as it does make you laugh?   You got it bub, but I digress.  Here's my break down on the novel that is a sweet treat in more ways than one....

  1. Hayley Snow, our leading lady, is a hoot!  She has just as much heart as she does mind, even if baked goods are not only her hobby but a definite indulgence.
  2. The name of the publication Hayley works for....Key Zest.  A little corny, but it fits wonderfully and the staff (aside from the acidic newbie) all seem to be a part of one big happy family.  Talk about making work a pleasure to look forward too!
  3. The author's writing style keeps things lively and flowing page after page with everything from the mundane to a full on murder to process with only the scantest of clues to go on!
  4. Hayley's family and friends in the story, not simply because we're guaranteed something in the sweets department but because no matter the situation nor their immense distances, they are there for each other 100%.
....and that's the just the tip of the iceberg.  As for the dislikes, other than some things being extremely obvious long before the characters catch up (such is the case in most cozy mysteries), I can't think of even one.  

So, in conclusion, a book escape to add to your weekend rotation, among other titles, that is as good as it looks and twice as sweet.  The story line will make you care what happens to our cast of characters and their furry friends help lighten the mood along the way.  A perfect read for teen readers and beyond; it's clean, it's fun, it's as the name implies, cozy on up to it and enjoy a reading experience chock full of fun and spirit that can't be ignored.


About the author.....

Lucy Burdette writes the Key West food critic mysteries: MURDER WITH GANACHE (NAL) Feb 2014 Foodie, psychologist, reader, golfer, author of 8 mysteries as Roberta Isleib.

Find her online:  SITE   |   TWITTER   |   FACEBOOK

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ARC for review courtesy of author Lucy Berdette.  (THANKS!) For more information on this title as well as the rest of the series, be sure to visit the publisher's site.  This title is available now from Signet, so be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf near you.

Until next time...happy reading!

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