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Friday, February 21, 2014

For the love of...DOGS! I Could Chew on This by Francesco Marciuliano

Hi there!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers….the site that makes bookish a part of their regular vocabulary, and thinks you should too.  (Just sayin’.)

Well, we’re still celebrating the month of love here on the site, in its many shapes and forms.  Today’s spotlight is shining on one of my FAVORITE types of love….PUPPY LOVE!  No, no, no…not young love or love in its early stages, actual PUPPY LOVE as in a love of pups and all the antics, all the mishaps, all the things they do that make you smile.  So break out the Milky Bones, and hides the dirty laundry, today’s book of choice is coming at you in 3…2…1…

…and Other Poems by Dogs
Francesco Marciuliano

They’re BAACCCCKKK…and cuter than ever!  No really, there is MAJOR CUTENESS ahead.  From the author that brought us I Could Pee on This… (reviewed just this week!), comes a collection for dog lovers that should carry a warning.  Yep.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  In fact…

Cuteness overload may occur from reading the poems within this work.  Symptoms of this syndrome include inability to wipe the smile off your face, an overall jolly nature after turning the final page, a lack of self control when it comes to randomly selecting a passage to read to anyone and everyone in your general vicinity, and a case of the giggles that may prove incurable for short lengths of time.  Proceed with caution.  *dusts hands off*

There.  Hey, fair is fair and I do believe in making sure you know what you’re about to get yourself into.  A level playing field is good for all, and keeps the pups from landing on their muzzles when trying to catch that fly ball you just popped into the end field.  Don’t believe me?  Ah, but you will.  You know how I know?  Because…you’re going to be so tempted by my review that you’re going to run to your local bookstore (or if not quite quick enough, the online retailer of your choice) and pick up a copy to peruse.  Yep.  I would bet good money on it…or at least a box of biscuits.  Though I found the entire work hilarious for a quick pick me up at any given point in a day, I did have a few favorites that I would like to point out….

‘Outside the Store’, Pg 52 – Okay, so it totally helps that the dog pictured on the opposite page is a Yorkie (I’ve had 3 in my lifetime) but this one SO reminds me of my little Ashley (RIP).  Definitely sentiments she would have shared if given the chance as well as the repercussions of me leaving her outside the store later on… *-*

‘Wingman’, Pg 66 – Two words….TOO FUNNY!  You seriously don’t see this one heading in the direction it does until the pup pulls the proverbial rug out from under you.  It will make you laugh out loud, so be careful where you are when you read this one or risk some strange looks.

‘Lassie’, Pg 72 – Guilty as charged; dressing up the dog and all.  My dogs all have raincoats too, though not the galoshes (not for lack of trying to find them, or at least MOM trying to find them), and I do believe they would feel pretty much the same way.  I KNOW my little doxy Winston (RIP) was definitely echoing this pups thoughts when I bought him a new Santa outfit the one year, complete with little gold booties.  *blink blink* What?  He was adorable!  *ahem*

‘The Best Day’, Pg 98 – Combined with the pic of the smiling pup, this is a PERFECT poem for anyone having a bad day.  Really puts you in the right frame of mind…

‘I Could Chew on This’, Pg 110 (see picture above and to the right) – Couldn’t close out my picks without paying homage to the namesake of the book and although it may be the last poem in the book, the combo of words and image are just OMG….CUTENESS OVERLOAD!  It’s just…there are no words that convey the amount of true-ness as well as adorableness that is encompassed within this last entry.  So. Cute.

In conclusion, a great pick for the dog lover in your life or anyone that needs a quick pick me up courtesy of the critter coined as man’s best friend.  Whether taken in small doses or all at once, this is definitely a title that should be on your “to read” list.  Review copy received courtesy of the fab folks at Chronicle Books.  (THANKS!)  For more on this title as well as their complete catalog, be sure to stop by their site or follow the little blue bird…that would be Twitter.

Until next time…happy reading!


Tales of Whimsy said...

Sounds like a gas. And perfect for any dog person. Cute share!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Though not usually a big fan of poetry I could make an exception for what sounds like such a cute collection.

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