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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A dog by any other name...

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Today's book choice is no coincidence but it brings a tear to my eye for
two reasons. First off, a stop in reality...remember a few weeks back that
new doggy baby I welcomed? Well, I'm sad to say almost two months later and
we're gonna have to unwelcome him. No; I'm not heartless of something but
something pretty big must have happened in his past that love is simply not
overcoming (or he could simply need to be in a home with no other dogs) and
last night, my little Yorkie got the bad half of him. They're okay for the
most part as it wasn't a full out attack or something but he bit them and
now they have a small cut by their eye. * sigh* It's not the first snap
either but the others were explained away with the situation, this one
definitely can't I'll be bidding ado to the big guy, don't worry
though... He'll get a good home. The shelter we have is a no kill so he'll
be safe and sound. Will he be missed? Certainly... But I gotta take care of
my little guys too. The hard decisions that go along with being a
responsible pet owner... Which brings me to today's post.

Pets no matter the variety you favor require love and attention but
sometimes for whatever reason, it's not feasible. Perhaps someone was
allergic, maybe your finances changed, perhaps an unexpected move arrived
and taking your companion was not an option... or maybe they simply ran
away and no matter how hard you tried, they remained lost. Any way you
slice it, it's a sad situation but sometimes... with the right alignment of
stars, the right glint of the sun, the right park at the right
time...happiness can be found once again. Today's book of choice is...

Helen Stephens

This is the story of a little dog looking for the two things they love
most: a loving home and a human to call their own. One day at the park, he
sees his opportunity...a little boy just as lonely as he, desirous of a
playmate and what's this? He's playing with a ball...something dogs love
best. Only one problem...his hygiene leaves something to be desired, an
unfortunate side affect of living on the street, and Bob's mom is less than
welcoming of his new friend. Bob is beside himself and one night he
discovers that the little "fleabag" followed him home, putting into action
his plan to rescue him at his own safetys expense. But this little fleabag
is no dummy, he knows his chosen human should not be outside at this time
of night by himself no less and when love and fate collide, a happy
solution is found for one and all.

It's a heartwarming story that illustrates the love between humans and pets
with a real life connection that makes you feel the story all the more. It
was inspired by the author's visit to a shelter for dogs and cats, or more
specifically one little guy by the name of Flynn. She imagined what life
might have been like for the little guy and all it could be still then gave
a voice to a story seen too often indeed. Sad but true, I know...but that's
why the existence of "in-between" homes (shelters) is so important. They
provide a place for little ones such as this guy to rest their heads while
in wait of their forever home. It may not be perfect but it sure beats the
dangers of the street.

In closing, I recommend this one to animals lovers young and old, tall and
small, near and far...the story will bring a tear to your eye and a smile
to your heart while the illustrations bring out the beauty that can be
found in even the most unlikely situations. I also recommend paying a visit
to your local shelter whether in an adoption roll or that of a volunteer.
There's always a severe shortage of both in this arena so any way you can
leave your mark on their lives in a positive fashion is well worth the

Review copy purchased at my local bookstore...published by Henry Holt and
Company. Be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf near you.

Until next time... Happy reading!

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Tales of Whimsy said...

This sounds great and I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. It sounds like you're making the right decision though.

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